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  1. Exping in teams

    I don't see a powerleveling problem. Just make stats growth depended on ammount of damage done / taken (resisted included) or amount of healing made. Other solution is to make gains for attack/defence depended on maximum attack/def rates of teammates and just divide it by the number of group members. That's how much will they gain for hitting/being hit. Other idea, like previous, but multiply it by (player OA / highest player OA in group) not to power level lowbies. There are so many ideas. Just make the teamwork possible. The main problem with EL is however it looks nice, it's mostly single player with mutliplayer chat. Grouping is possible, but is almost against the game mechanics. The most important thing for me is teamwork, so I kind of rerolled on another game for a while. I pay for it, but that's no problem for me, at least I get what I'm looking for. Name of the game doesn't matter, I switched to it only cause of my need of team playing. I still hope, some team-based solutions will be brought into EL, cause I miss some friends here and I'd like to face some content really together with them. Learn to RP, one could say.... I'd answer, I can RP playing chess. I just hope for this game to grow greater in mechanics Not only by some new mobs/items. Your often-checking-forums-for-a-while-not-EL-player, S.
  2. Polska - Poland

    Ah, o panu Indiana zapomniałem Inna sprawa, że się Winnetou przypomniał Tyle fajnych filmów, które człowiekowi na przestrzeni czasu uleciały z pamięci...
  3. Blessed Body Parts Idea

    You pay with no PP from godless perk and no bonus (def/att)&mag exp from being either Aluwen's/Mortos's any maybe Unolas's servant. Still, remember that it may break. Even if it was CoL + NMT combination (if the limit was set to 2)... Could/would you really forfeit so much to be able to train this way? As for me... why not, let people have this decision. I see nothing wrong in it.
  4. Blessed Body Parts Idea

    It is some other way of protecting your stuff (but only up to 2 types at the same time, with high fee to change blessed bodypart) compared to rostogols stones which protect whole equipement. Not even counting fees for certain blessing (max 1 or 2 blessings at a time in my opinion), it is quite expensive in terms of having neither godless PPs nor bonus_xp/blesses from gods. I think it's a nice balance (and balance would be maintained by setting maximum number of blessings at a time... it's not a thing player can do. my 1-2 is just a guess to describe, how it'd work). EDIT I've managed to get the meaning of your post, sorry that it took so long Yes, that's what my idea is. EDIT2 I can PM some lineout of the NPC dialogue if you want to see, how it'd look like (the process of obtaining, I mean).
  5. Blessed Body Parts Idea

    It is thought to be permanent enhancement of up to 2 parts cancellable only by removint it, becoming god's servant or taking godless perk.
  6. Hello! For a while have been considering some idea about blessing your items so you can't lose them while being killed. We know, as many people are cursing when losing rosto and not carrying expensive items, when they don't have any rosto. As far as we interrogated it, it would't probably be able to be coded with the current inventory system (stacking items, items of the same type and so on). so we [which means: WooF and me] moved to a bit different idea. And there comes Blessed Body Parts Idea. So... what's that BBPI about? Here I come with a description. 1. You can use this only when you serve none of gods. Becoming servant to any god cancels blessings as well. 2. It can't be used together with Godless perk. (you can't receive it, when you are Godless, Godless removes it's effect and Godless cancels your ability to receive it) 3. It enables you to have blessed 1 (maybe 2) of your body parts (chest/head/neck/hips/legs/weapon hand/shield hand/back[for capes]) 4. Having body part blessed would make you not losing an item worn on it when being killed (no matter how, e.g. in PvP, by mob, weather or harvesting). 5. You would be able to bless your body part after doing a quest for a NPC (or two parts, if it will be this "maybe 2" from point 3). Have no idea for the quest yet, but I thought about using some high level pelts (arctic bear pelts or tiger pelts) and EMEs for it. 6. Every blessing (or change body part for blessing) would cost quite much. I thought, it would be nice not to make it money, but for example 10 EMEs. 7. Blessing can be removed without any payment. 8. It would be NPc named Rajmund Lullus responsible for that. I've already made some chat outline for him, but have not finished it yet. 9. Of course, items on blessed parts can be still damaged/destroyed in any ordinary way. If you could comment this idea (mods' comments are also appreciated). My comments: I think it would give some other option instead of gods for not-godless people. For warriors it would give opportunity to use some better equipment without rosto at the cost of no bonus god-exp/god-blessings. For harvesters/manuers it would able them not to lose items like exc. cape or maybe CoL once killed/died [e.g. in one of these random invasions ] Maybe this new medallions will be something for non-killers, and since they will be expensive, it wouldn't be good to lose them. This would be the oportunity to save your items in cost of god-exp/blessings Living without gods nor godless would be great price for it, also having to pay for quest/every blessing. Still, I think it's a good idea to at least discuss it over. What do you think about it? Have a nice time reviewing it Szczupaczek PS. I hope my language made it able to be understood properly ^^
  7. Polska - Poland

    To moje typy (kolejność przypadkowa ), niektóre zabawne, inne mniej. Każdy z tych filmów na swój sposób zapamiętałem w swojej historii 1. SW IV-VI 2. Łowca Jeleni 3. Czas Apokalipsy 4. Shishinin no samurai 5. Enter the Dragon 6. The Neverending Story 7. LotR 8. Siedmiu Wspaniałych 9. W Samo Południe 10. Mad Max 11. Rambo 12. Willow 13. Legend 14. Zatoichi 15. Lethal Weapon 1-3 Pozdrawiam Sz.
  8. Polska - Poland

    Od rybeniek to ten.. na dystans S.
  9. Polska - Poland

    Oj, wiesz.... Rodzaj alkoholu niekoniecznie implikuję rodzaj imprezy. A wbrew pozorom, a i prostocie przepisu, smak ma ten przetwór całkiem przyjemny. No, oczywiście, nie każdemu musi przypaść do gustu. W każdym razie, wychodzi nie za drogo i całkiem smacznie. Lżejsze dla żołądka niż ajerkoniak (tu przepisu chyba nie trzeba podawać, w sieci jest ich multum). Bardzo przyjemnie uzupełnia spotkanie towarzyskie połączone z karaoke i wspólnymi wspomnieniami Pozdrawiam i też kończę już temat wysokoprocentowy S.
  10. Alc pot

    No offence, Ent, but there are many kinds of mushrooms growing on trees. Some of them are edible. Like boczniak (don't know the english term for it), which I personally reeeeeeally like. Re: Entropy (a bit lower there) Oh, these ones I see... Yeah... they are not really edible I wouldn't try cooking them
  11. Polska - Poland

    Spirytus z sokiem winogronowym z białych winogron Hortexu w proporcjach 40:60 i odrobiną cukru do smaku (wedle gustu, jak dla mnie, trzy łyżki stołowe na litr spirytusu). Odstawić do przegryzienia na 3 godzinki (najlepiej na noc, tudzież przygotować rano przed imprezą w największym garnku dostępnym w domu - grunt, aby mieścił się do lodówki [no chyba, że mamy na podorędziu chłodną piwnicę]). W przypadku planowania spożycia w przeciągu pierwszej godziny od wymieszania mile widziana odrobina soku z cytryny (pół cytryny na litr spirytusu). S.
  12. What is your political compass score?

    Economic Left/Right: -0.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.00 So close to the middle... o_O
  13. Total war between guilds

    Do you guys see, what's the pool question about? It's not about this ally idea. It's about "total war" idea. EDIT: I see.. I've got it wrong.. So it's like this. Still, it's a strange option... but it won't bother peaceful guilds, so it's ok. One vote from "nope" to "yeep".
  14. Changing the Ila Prima tavern color

    Will it be snow white or other white?
  15. So are we (the summoners) happy now?

    No instruction? How could it be... I see a large Click Me! encarved on the stone. I like the idea of stones being usable to everyone. And it's a nice bringing summ into game not just for fun. Gratz on your job, Ent S.