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  1. ok i've played the game b-4 on this comp and its only 1 year old(prolly 9 months actually) anyways i stopped for a while and when i went to download the game again this what happened i click mirror 1 then it downloads i click el.exe. file and this hapens,it says there was an error oppening the file i dont get it please help

  2. well post it fine...but i cant post the stuff u did to me cause my chat log was deleted oh and btw from the start u and all the rangers ignored me and just said go get me these flowers go get me this go get cactus and i even donated but did u say thank you...even...once.... NOPE oh and when rumors went about that i scammed someone u didnt back me up or defend me u U FREAKIN SOLD OUT AND SPREAD THE RUMORS MORE THEN KICKED ME OUT!!!!!*throws darts at a picture of the rangers*

  3. the problem is that these stupid noobs think they get a free ride and dont have to work and its a disgrace to us oldbies by givin in to them so oldbies stand strong and dont give in lol if they keep harrassing you gus talk to ent or roja or tuma or some other mod they cn prolly mute those dang noobs.......well that my 2 cents :wink:

  4. i tried to make a map for the rangers domain but i reade the read me file for the map editor and im not that computer savvy :roll: so could soemone tell me how to put biuldings and stuff cause all i could do was put some tiles down also is there a way to seean overveiw of your map? or do i have to draw that (ya know like whenu press tab in the game)