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  1. cactus .inc

    hey this topic is my cactus shop put in an order and give me a time and a price im open to all offers(reasonable please) well seeya im on alot check on website to see if im on
  2. recruiting members

    i changed my mind i wanna join the rangers
  3. recruiting members

    i'd like to join but i dont have any equipment heres my stats BASIC ATTRIBUTES physique 5/5 coordination 4/4 reasoning 3/3 will 3/3 instict 3/3 vitality 3/3 CROSS ATTRIBUTES might 4/4 matter 4/4 toughness 4/4 charm 3/3 reaction 3/3 perception 3/3 rationality 3/3 dexterity 3/3 ethereality 3/3 NEXUSES human 0/0 animal 1/1 vegetal 1/1 inorganic 0/0 artificial 0/0 magic 0/0 SKILLS manufacture 0/0 harvest 9/9 alchemy 0/0 combat 5/5 attack 5/5 defense 5/5 magic 0/0 potion 0/0
  4. cactus .inc

    sell but i might buy in the future
  5. looking for 10k chainmail.

    yeah me too
  6. Pyderz Sword Shop

    that last message was me sorry i changed my mind maybe i'll buy 1 some other time
  7. buyin a picaxe

    hey i wanna buy a picaxe but i want it really cheap so pm in game or send a reply if ya got one :wink:
  8. buyin a picaxe

    thats okay colossus u tried
  9. buyin a picaxe

  10. Pyderz Sword Shop

    hey im gettin the money i want an iron sword but reply and tell me the lvl requirements to weild this sword bye
  11. wraith!!!

    help me !! i cant talk to the wraith no matter how many times i right click him it wont work i dont know what to do i did the 2 wraith quests though ( get a free beer and fora (or flora i forget) flower quests) well i hope some one will help me
  12. wraith!!!

    ok i'll try