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  1. problem installing

    ok i've played the game b-4 on this comp and its only 1 year old(prolly 9 months actually) anyways i stopped for a while and when i went to download the game again this what happened i click mirror 1 then it downloads i click el.exe. file and this hapens,it says there was an error oppening the file i dont get it please help
  2. Greatest Rock Song Ever

    stairway to heaven all the way
  3. i am really mad bout this p2p thing i like the "free" thing and i would love it if there werwe no p2p i am not allowed to pay it my parents said .p.s. BOWS IN NON-P2P how can i say it clearer i want a bow !!! lol please make the bows for non-p2p or for both
  4. p2p bows ect...

    hey dont get me wrongt i love tha game it r0xx0rs!!lol but i agree with elrond i am an elf and i need the precious...i mean uhh.. the bow ..lol... :twisted:
  5. Race of doom (win doom cape and money)

    i want to do it
  6. OMFG!!1! i just met rosamund pike.

    i have a signed poster of jeremy mgrath and travis pastrana (dirtbike superstars in the U.S.A) and pictures and stuff
  7. The fall of the Rangers.

    well post it fine...but i cant post the stuff u did to me cause my chat log was deleted oh and btw from the start u and all the rangers ignored me and just said go get me these flowers go get me this go get cactus and i even donated but did u say thank you...even...once.... NOPE oh and when rumors went about that i scammed someone u didnt back me up or defend me u U FREAKIN SOLD OUT AND SPREAD THE RUMORS MORE THEN KICKED ME OUT!!!!!*throws darts at a picture of the rangers*
  8. The fall of the Rangers.

    i didnt con and u area liar the rangers sucked from the beginning u used me to run errands and to get donations then u dropped me when i wanted sumthin in return go to hell u con artists :evil:

    mines the best
  10. The fall of the Rangers.

    i hate all the rangers they are jerks they kicked me out for nuthin :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: so im glad they are dead
  11. boots

    I'm selling leather boots. P.M. me
  12. avatar

    who likes my new avatar

    SOMEOEN ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  14. Subliminal Messaging

    it scared me so i closed the site what were they pictures of though?
  15. Subliminal Messaging

    i am gonna have nightmares for a freakin century :evil:
  16. who thinks i should be a mod

    i said no cause i got booted from the rangers cause u thalos and jjk were sayin crap dat wasnt true ...bout me! :evil:

    can anyone tell me?

    hey matrixx sh how do i make an avatar like yours it rocks! P.S. i know nothing so explain from beginning
  19. Clan Essence(magic,alchemy,and potion)

    i would like to be in this guild im raising the stats you mentioned right now pm me in game or on the forum btw could you give me a member list p.s. my stats are Manu:10 Harvest:25 Alch:19 Com:18 Att:18 Def:19 Magic:11 Potion:14 Summoning:7
  20. Guild commands

    umm where does this apply i.....ingame? or what? :? or do i have to download something i wanna make a guild........btw can i be in a guild(the rangers) and start one?
  21. ??????????????????

    i tried to make a map for the rangers domain but i reade the read me file for the map editor and im not that computer savvy :roll: so could soemone tell me how to put biuldings and stuff cause all i could do was put some tiles down also is there a way to seean overveiw of your map? or do i have to draw that (ya know like whenu press tab in the game)
  22. LLAMATHISM!!!!!

    the problem is that these stupid noobs think they get a free ride and dont have to work and its a disgrace to us oldbies by givin in to them so oldbies stand strong and dont give in lol if they keep harrassing you gus talk to ent or roja or tuma or some other mod they cn prolly mute those dang noobs.......well that my 2 cents :wink:
  23. LLAMATHISM!!!!!

    me too i dont like llamas they scare me p.s.: i'l stay on el forever