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  1. problem installing

    ok i've played the game b-4 on this comp and its only 1 year old(prolly 9 months actually) anyways i stopped for a while and when i went to download the game again this what happened i click mirror 1 then it downloads i click el.exe. file and this hapens,it says there was an error oppening the file i dont get it please help
  2. Greatest Rock Song Ever

    stairway to heaven all the way
  3. p2p bows ect...

    hey dont get me wrongt i love tha game it r0xx0rs!!lol but i agree with elrond i am an elf and i need the precious...i mean uhh.. the bow ..lol... :twisted:
  4. i am really mad bout this p2p thing i like the "free" thing and i would love it if there werwe no p2p i am not allowed to pay it my parents said .p.s. BOWS IN NON-P2P how can i say it clearer i want a bow !!! lol please make the bows for non-p2p or for both
  5. Race of doom (win doom cape and money)

    i want to do it
  6. OMFG!!1! i just met rosamund pike.

    i have a signed poster of jeremy mgrath and travis pastrana (dirtbike superstars in the U.S.A) and pictures and stuff
  7. The fall of the Rangers.

    well post it fine...but i cant post the stuff u did to me cause my chat log was deleted oh and btw from the start u and all the rangers ignored me and just said go get me these flowers go get me this go get cactus and i even donated but did u say thank you...even...once.... NOPE oh and when rumors went about that i scammed someone u didnt back me up or defend me u U FREAKIN SOLD OUT AND SPREAD THE RUMORS MORE THEN KICKED ME OUT!!!!!*throws darts at a picture of the rangers*
  8. The fall of the Rangers.

    i didnt con and u area liar the rangers sucked from the beginning u used me to run errands and to get donations then u dropped me when i wanted sumthin in return go to hell u con artists :evil:

    mines the best
  10. The fall of the Rangers.

    i hate all the rangers they are jerks they kicked me out for nuthin :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: so im glad they are dead
  11. boots

    I'm selling leather boots. P.M. me
  12. avatar

    who likes my new avatar

    SOMEOEN ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  14. Subliminal Messaging

    it scared me so i closed the site what were they pictures of though?