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  1. Hey I think we need some name rules, cause it gets very annoying seeing people named like dice1948. I can see it now, you go to Gym class, hey dice1948! what's up? We need rules like no numbers in names, no names like jhsnknnfsjn. And people who currently don't comply to the rules should have a chance to change their name and for sayyyy 2 weeks it will show their new name and their old one on the left so people know who their old friends are now.

  2. Ummmm here's a constructive idea for you, IT'S A MEDEVIL TIMED GAME. Do you really think they had a stock market in med-evil times, I mean come on. This is a HORRIBLE idea. And I would most probably quit if entropy ever did this. I mean come on, EL would be looked at as a joke if this ever happened.

  3. Horrible horrible idea, do you know just how much it costs to level manu, let me tell you now it costs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS AND EVENTUALLY MILLIONS. So then if you take out trik our only source of getting a little bit back that we spend on leveling WE WILL START GOING BANKRUPT IN A COUPLE DAYS. If entropy ever did this I would seriously think about quitting or becoming a full time pker.

  4. Ya, it's a classic RPG system. You start with the lowest type of item in each category, and as you make that item you get exp, once you get enough exp you gain a level, next level takes even more exp, after a few levels you can make new items that give more exp, however, you need even more exp that it still takes longer. It's a classic system of the higher the level the harder it gets, but the more, and the better there rewards are.