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  1. Buying doom cape

    My secret.
  2. Buying doom cape

    .... I'm not, I'll show you the money in game once she buys it.
  3. Selling fur related items

    I'll pay more then he will.
  4. Buying doom cape

    hehe my buyer is payin 50mil.
  5. Why?

    I'd read it for sure!
  6. But this isn't TAKING them. It's he put them in a bag which means if he walks off the news are of course going to jump for it, however give me the names of the people who stole from you and I will put it on my guilds enemy list.
  7. Bones to Gold

    Read the website, sheesh. It's based on your magic level and a RANDOM factor.
  8. bitches~

    Orrrrrrr Orc Berserkers.
  9. matrix glitch

    He might of just done what I did though.
  10. bitches~

    I know MANY people who hate seeing numbers in names. I mean do you go up to your friends in school and say "Hey John7824."
  11. Magic Cape

    Alch lowers chance of you dropping a item dude. Now magic cape sounds like it SUCKS!
  12. Others can't just "take" your items, also maybe next time you can put your items in storage before you go exploring.
  13. matrix glitch

    Happens to me sometimes when i hit alt-tab while walking.
  14. selling doom cape

    Selling doom cape, post ur bids.
  15. selling doom cape

    Huh? Also I already talked to her ingame, she'll have the money soon.
  16. Buying doom cape

    Unless my buyer does get on within a few days i'll sell you one, whats your price range?
  17. selling doom cape

    Oh ya I'm sure i'll accept that when someone already bidded 50k plats.
  18. bitches~

    Trust me you can always make up more original names.
  19. I'm a troll, apparently

    Hehe, gratz on ya post count, love da siggy!
  20. CHECK OUT THIS SITE!!11!!1

    Fucking idiot you can kill someone that way.
  21. A small contest for ladies...

    *puts some paper towles up his shirt* It's Eve!
  22. bitches~

    lol what a idiot. But Yay! Another person with a name I can't stand is off. THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THEN A NAME WITH NUMBERS!
  23. fleeing combat

    Ya, I learned that the hard way and almost losst my doom cape.
  24. fleeing combat

    Were you trying to buy my doom cape?
  25. fleeing combat

    No it doesn't, makes so u can't flee so after 14 blocks ur screwed.