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  1. Player Bio & Location

    There are some people who may have you on ignores you dont know about And other people who dont answer my PM's Well, those people are probably not interested in giving you these informations anyway (-;
  2. New Types of Giants

    And what about ranging mobs? Maybe that doesn't suit giants very well - or they can throw rocks or ice balls (taking advantage of the same code used for conventional rangers).
  3. fishing from ~~!~ serper

    What is his nick? ~~!~? Is such stupid nick even allowed? I guess the nick is "fishing", and "~~!~" is the guild name...
  4. Can't a mod zap you to IP or somewhere else?
  5. Mage/healer 'class'

    Could it be possible for the mages taking the perk(s) to have their spells' power-increase related to their A/D in a reverse way (as in: "The higher their A/D, the lower the increase")? Then, it will not be possible for a pro fighter to become a pro perked-mage - and the other way round, as pro perked-mages training their A/D would see a significant decrease in their magical strength.
  6. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    And it's quite an old one ^_^
  7. Bot Banned plus or negative

    Do you count bots as players in those well over 800?
  8. Achievement bug on alt

    For 1), book achievement is quite broken since the beginning - some people who have not read enough books got the achievement on their player's page and not ingame, and the other way round.
  9. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    The speech from Costel (in Port Anitora) has a typo in the last choice offered: It should be Nothing.
  10. Poll for the 80-100 invances boss

    As he has voted for one of your choices, that is probably his opinion on the topic(?!).
  11. Isla Prima

    Tab maps are known not to be very precise, I think I have heard it has to do with some roleplay idea (maps are made by mere mortals, hence are not perfect).
  12. Day of Recycling

    And yet another one right now
  13. Encyclopedia update

    Or you can check the manufacture page which is updated more often.