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  1. St. Patrick's Day drop...

    OR a complete calender unique to EL with its own holidays, special occasions and unique months/days -(borrowed from the arena games)
  2. cape movement!

    ANYBODY running a card with hardware transform and lighting will have very little-no extra stress on an idle animation like that.. I'm pretty sure every card since the TNT has it
  3. Auto Harvester

    worse than no clicks? theres an easy way around people spending less time there, just increase the delay to 6 seconds or so. no-one would be able to fill up in 1 click
  4. Auto Harvester

    how about instead of our screens being flooded with "you failed to harvest..." and "you managed to harvest" blah blah blah make the game do as many checks as say, your harvesting skill.. and then display "You managed to harvest X flowers" perhaps mining and "harder" stuff would be harvest skill/2 or some better thought out equation.. that would take away a lot of the OOS mousing factor without having something as mindless as a macro
  5. I agree on making it so higher levels make for more unique players... but EL has much more potential than fighter/thief/mage it might be simple enough so that focusing on one skill impedes the growth of another, and because we already have many skills, there would be quite a few unique possibilities..
  6. auto walk

    you would not believe how many times this has been sugested.. the search button is your friend
  7. Cloak list please.

    hmm, should be ~25% they arent very balanced
  8. New Armors

    and the guys!
  9. Just an idea I had while seeing the wearable fur cloaks in action.. Animal skull caps.. you'll know what I mean if you've seen pictures of the greek hero heracles.. perhaps you could get them enchanted too so they endow some small benefits.. like a enchanted bear-head hat that lowers your opponents damage or raises yours or other stuff like increasing magic capacity or increase the chances of succesfully casting a spell. Puma skull/hide cap Bear skull/hide cap wolf skull/hide cap e.t.c can anyone think of more appropriate or more needed enhancments?
  10. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    I'll take one of those 70k package deals, but I won't be online till new years or after gimme a hold and I'll pay you 75?
  11. Spotlights

    for people with older monitors it will be darker, lcd shouldn't be a problem, Im back at my parent for the holidays and the screen is pumped up using both 3Deep and rivatuner... just to be able to see normally,try ome of those programs, rivatuner is free, has lots of OCing stuff too, dunno about 3Deep, came with the videocard
  12. Ideas For New Creatures

    What if they were Ill tempered, mutated penguins?
  13. Cool idea

    hehe silicon implants.. ouch!!
  14. must be an americaln thing, here inoganic is understood to be something not of an "organic" chemical structure (Hydrocarbons, e.t.c) of which a few minerals are.. thats from an entirely scientific view though, I'm not taking into account marketing talk like "organically" grown veges and the like
  15. Oh yeah...

    Rats are coming to fill the gap