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  1. Tired of oldbies?

    aarrggghhhh..... i miss the time when there r only a few serp makers and we messed the economy hehe
  2. Unicorns

    Kinda late, but that sounds like a doppelganger (not sure how to spell), well basically another player, which in this case, is controlled by AI that we r trying to kill.
  3. New Manufacturing System

    Great idea. Working it on our own as for the failing rates is a great thing, rather than making them random straight from codes. Although the random thingy still needed when we are actually making stuff. Oo and as for monsters drop, instead of them dropping the 'brand new' weapons and armors, make them drop a second hand stuff. Or even worse make it like it looks bad and need Tankel to repair them before it can be used or sell to Trik. Well, the monsters use them, and monsters are just eerrrmm.... rough, they can't use the stuff very eerrmm... nicely ^^ As for exp, maybe instead of a real exp numbers, make them like you need to make 50 of current level stuff. So if you can make iron sword, then you need to make 50 iron swords in order to move on to next level. Note: the number of items in here is just an example. And as the level goes higher, when we make a lower item stuff, the random thingy should be made broader, i mean so it'll be easier to make them. For example, if it's like only given 2 secs to take out the blade out of the forge or whatever. At higher level (when u make lower level stuff), you are given like 5 secs before it breaks, since basically the character gets better in making them. If it's possible, make the rare books be a quest items rather than monster drop. Basically it'll take more time to get them. Yeah, but the downside is that it'll need a lot of quests xD. Or create a mage as a monster type so they can drop the books :lol:
  4. Whats Your Thoughts

    Who is answering the last option? xD :lol:
  5. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    Fun? Eeerrrrmm....... just a new stuff to toy around i guess lol. So far only same kill stuff and deliver letters quest i have been doing. The other fun part maybe for explorer since it's a really huge world map. Haven't got the chance to try the skills yet. Meh when i can play WoW, i go to test 5 and somehow no NPC and no monsters at all xD. Some problem they having. So i moved to test 41 xD. Maybe i'll just move to test 5 again once the computer i used to dl WoW is fixed xD. So anyway i can't play WoW atm since i can't login to that ebul computer, well no1 can coz the computer is having a hard time xD (depressed perhaps :lol: )
  6. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    boki move to test 41 xD
  7. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    poor ya :lol:
  8. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    Not much for the graphic though, but it seems they are either good at effeciency for coding or they have a super server. I mean for such a big game with eerrmm... quite lots of people, my ping is quite good even when EL still on, i can still play WoW decently. So basically so far i think they only eerrrmm.... make quests, item pics, and maps xD. More like only for gameplay and not much for graphics i guess. Haven't test the skills they have. But we can swim :lol: . And somehow they didn't use any kind of change mapping, not sure but seems like all the maps are in 1 big map with details. Well comparing it to EL is that when u need to go to other map, we need to click either a sign or that boat's flag. In ragnarok online, it's walking to some sort of teleport spot. In WoW there is no such things, so you basically just move from 1 map to another without noticing it (well they kinda tell what's the map's name). In game mode all visible, in map-mode you need to kind of go there 1st to kinda say u have explored the map to reveal the map. So the map is kinda all blank without any details until u go to the area and it open-ed that map area when u go there. EL comparison if EL has the continent map, u can see the continent map in large, but no details in it. So even if u zoom to WS map, it'll only be blank. When u move from IP to WS the 1st time, it'll open the whole WS map. So basically u just need to go there to open the whole map. Means u don't need to explore every spot of the map to open it like in most strategy game with the 'fog' thingy. Once it's open-ed then the detail maps are open-ed for you forever (for that char). Meh, never good at explaining stuff xD Anyway I'm using the central time server: Test 41. Same name as always ^^ Human Paladin Any1 playing at 'open beta' atm? lol.
  9. Anime Ftp

    Here varty varty varty. Come out, come out whereever u r xD :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. The Philosophy Of Game Development

    Ooo yeah and also. That #pk command need some sort of adjustment if it's for an event. It needs to be make like a virus. I mean whoever attack or cast magic(harm, drain life, poison) to the target then the attacker or caster needs to get #pk also. Well if not then the target can be killed by harm easily once it's trapped since the other players don't need to attack the target to kill the target. The virus thingy will at least make the target able to attack those attackers. But the downside is that after they get those #pk then after the event they'll need to be #unpk. Which is troublesome if there are lots of participants. :lol: Hmm... maybe make a difference between the #pk for punishing and #pk for event. Since when you punish someone you don't want the #pk to spread out :lol: Anyway seems it still needs to be worked on if it's for an event
  11. The Philosophy Of Game Development

    Hmm.... making PK-switch player-activated might make it easy to be abused. Strong players might train near a storage :lol: But won't be abused by the lower lvl because they might get killed while doing so. Well high lvl players might be killed by 20 players' harm, but less chance since those 20 players might end up to scared going to pk map :lol: New idea: how about make a code for choosing a map randomly each hour. And then turn the map into PK if it's non-PK and if it's PK make it non-PK. But docks and houses should be out of the PK system. "PK-ers raid, hide inside houses" :lol: Oo and as usual IP is a safe map for that.
  12. Music!

    Might as well make a dance skill :lol:
  13. Music!

    Get a cello n violin? hehe ^^ :lol:
  14. New Storage

    If Molgor gonna be moved, then i think storil need to be moved closer to votd. Well at least that's wut i think ^^
  15. New Storage

    If tarsengaard has nothing useful then it's useless to put it in tarsengaard lol :lol: