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  1. Packet loss to the moved server

    Me again. I've changed something on the NIC/switch setup (thus a tiny network connection loss a few seconds ago). Please test against packet loss (using mtr for instance) and post back here.
  2. Packet loss to the moved server

    Hi. Just got home (900 km road trip). We're working on it. I've opened a case by the carrier/hosting company to get the "remote hands" support check the switch/cables. I'll let you know as soon as I have additional info.
  3. Network issues

    Just got NeoTelecoms on the phone (the server's ISP here, reseller of above.net for France and part of Europe). They aknowledge the issue (above.net issue) and think it's currently stable. However ticket is not closed yet. I'll let you know as soon as I know more.
  4. Can't connect to server

    Hi eveyone. We need a couple of originating IP (IP from people having problems connecting) in order to get the best support/resolution from our operator here. Thanks.
  5. Server down or my internet?

    It was both a problem on AT&T side (badly announced routes) and on our network in Europe (Cisco bug that showed up because of the badly announced routes).
  6. Server down or my internet?

    Hi again. It should be working now, they spent their evening (and a part of the night) on it. Looks like a Cisco bug on our side Sorry for the inconveniance and thanks to piper for the proxy.
  7. Server down or my internet?

    Update from Europe. I've sent the IPs to NeoTelecoms' support team. Routes to these IPs are not correctly "learnt" by some of the routers. They're now digging to find you if it's a "learning" problem (on our side) or an "announce" problem (on the end ISP side). I'll give you more update ASAP. Thanks.
  8. Server down or my internet?

    Hi everyone. We're currently investigating from our (Europe) side with NeoTelecoms and Above.net and we have not found anything "not-normal" (yet). It seems (I said "seems", we're currently investigating) the problem is on the US side, some big ISP (AT&T was mentionned in the thread) might have "lost" some IP blocks... Thanks. Edit - enough private IP, thanks to all
  9. Preparing for the server change

    nslookup is your friend.