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  1. Legion of Doom now accepting applications

    Well, almost everyone....hey wait, now I'm in one too!! SWEET!!! The Legion of Doom is alive and taking over EL!!!! "And as the Minions take over, all that is light shall turn to dark....."
  2. Seeking guild.

    Hey warder, just to help out Aerowind on this, if you break up the site name to this: Web- http://freewebs.com/sorcery_knights Forum- http://aerowind.hyperboards2.com that should work for ya! Hope that helps! And Aero, you need to fix that. The two run into each other and creates one big address which takes you nowhere!! Have fun!!! :wink: CHEERS! RakThul
  3. New guild forming and looking for good recruits! :shock: I'll have the webpage up in a few days. Until then, look me up in the game or post here and let me know if your interested in joining. Then we can talk! One requirement: you must have at least one skill over 25! Hope you all are having a great day and hope to hear from you soon! CHEERS! RakThul
  4. New World Order now accepting applications!

    Disregard this post. Guild is no longer active. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please delete this post if you want Ent, that is ok with me! Thanks all! See you in the new server!! CHEERS! RakThul
  5. Potions

    I think it looks great Roja! The order looks good! Feasting and Manu can go either way, so it doesn't really matter! And like Nidan said, finally, some decent experience for mind rest pots!!! Keep up the great work!! Thanks for everything!!! :wink: CHEERS! RakThul
  6. Selling Essences!

    Anybody interested in buying essences, I have every type through Death essences and I am selling them at half of what the shops are! 75 gp each! PM me in game if you are interested in buying any! Thanks and have fun!! 8) Cheers! RakThul
  7. A map for Crystal Caverns

    Is anyone working on a map that could detail some of the things in the Crystal Caverns? Is it possible to do so? I have quite a few coordinates on locations of various things (ores, minerals, etc) so if someone is working on a map and needs anything, just let me know! I would love to help put together a map for this (might just make things a little easier)! Have fun all! CHEERS! RakThul
  8. Selling Essences!

    Just thought you should know, I'll also help you out with any quests you may be trying to fill! Just let me know what you need and we can work out an agreement! Have fun! Cheers! RakThul
  9. (((Recruiting))) The Lancers

    Hello! My name is RakThul and I am looking to join a clan. I came across your website (among others) and I would like to join your clan! Please let me know what I need to do to join! Thanks much!!!
  10. How to raise alchemy?

    It's been a while since I've started and I never started to do any alchemy until now. Now I forgot what I am supposed to do! Could someone please explain to me what it is that I should do to start raising my level? I appreciate it! Thanks much!