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  1. Thanks for answering. I've checked Firefox and yes, Save Link As... works just fine, so the download issue is with Opera. Oh... and it might be interesting to notice (for pll who find this topic later), that IE 6 SP2 (6.0.2900.2180) also has problems recognizing *.pll files, on Save As... IE gives you the only option to save them as *.html files. Changing the file extension within the download window to *.pll or using download managers are both working solutions for this issue. At least I could help a bit
  2. @trollson: well I still think that a %-ge increase would be more useful and give you more benefit throughout the whole course of leveling, BUT naturally if you compare between having and not having it you see things a little bit differently, but that's ok, we can't all have the same opinion on everything, now can we? That's what I did (for me) and some ppl (like Aislinn ) still find it useful, which is ok, but don't you agree that at higher levels the FR perk e.g. gives more of a "cosmetic" improvement, than a real benefit? I bet that when your stats in skills go as high as 30 and above you'll be making enough money to cover the costs of mana/health restoration potions and will use them on demand without thoughts about their cost. Well, of course it's up to the player to decide what perk to take, just wanted to add my 2 cents because IMO no medium to high-lvl player recieves a REAL advantage by taking FR compared to investment in attributes or nexuses he/she could've otherwise done. It's more a a feeling that you have a good ability, but will have no real value for a high lvl player. Like ppl paying TONS of cash now for a single ATTR or NEXUS removal stone and you're talking about 3 PP's as if they were nothing - I see a bit of contradiction here As for the IGitD-perk the very problem is to be found in the fighting system that doesn't encourage stronger hits and faster monster kills. I never liked it and I never will, but this is not the right topic for discussion.
  3. Well, my idea was making something that is already in the game actually worth taking. As the game is in BETA state, changes on less successful implementations are a subject to happen on a every day basis. There's nothing wrong about taking a constructive criticism, in fact that's what a BETA state is for, or should be. I'm not saying you have to like my suggestions though... Don't know what other players think, but IMHO there is no strategy of playing that would benefit from the IGitD perk in the long run compared to just using the PP's on attributes or nexuses. I've already given an example with a high lvl monster, so it should speak for itself. Speaking in in-game terms the perk becomes less effective with every level you get and for me this is completely against the logic of getting better/stronger, becoming more efficient at killing, raising skills and so on... Same goes for the FR perk. No offense to you Cyprom, but people often get used to what they have, become satisfied with what they get compared to times where they lacked similar skills/abilities. And this is really unhealthy for gaming development, as it slows down or completely ceases improvements. As you raise your magic level you have to spend more mana on spells, wouldn't it be logical if your ability to regenerate (FR perk) would go along with your higher demands? Come to think of it, with 50 MAX-Mana the FR perk gives you a 4% increase of the regeneration rate (1% of 50 = 0,5 points, so 2 additional points = 4%). When you lvl-up and add more PP's to attributes to increase your MAX-Mana capacity you'll end up getting a lesser benefit with every additional mana point. With 150 MAX-Mana your regeneration increase provided by the FR perk drops down to ~ 1,3%. Seriously, where's the logic in that?
  4. Don't you think it would be better for the FR perk to heal a percentage of your MAX health instead of only a fixed value of 2 additional points? Like give you a 3%, 5% or 10% faster healing rate. Because right now this perk is a useless waste of PP's for recovering HP/Mana in the long run. As a noob with 45 HP 3 points do help, but when I have 150+ HP later, I couldn't care less about those 2 points, I'd just take a healing pos. Same goes for IGitD perk, but here it's a little bit different. A % value might be to much, since you're always dealing a certain amount of damage on a successful hit, although it can perhaps be limited to something like 3% of dmg you would deal if your attack came through. It would need further adjustment and testing, but what are 5 points dmg when fighting a yeti or another player with 200+ HP? Again, it is good for a noob and I really like the idea of this perk (it's actually my favorite, right next to I Eat Dead People), but at higher levels it won't be worth the PP and it's effect becomes a minor one. So what do you ppl think?
  5. *BUMP* No official statement on this one? Does noone of the staff know why there is an update, that cannot be done? If I did miss something, I'd appreciate any points in the right direction
  6. Hi everyone! First of all - I don't really have a problem. The music is beautiful and plays fine, but I'm not sure what I ought to do with this music update of the three *.pll files, namely: map6_cave.pll, map14f.pll, and cont2map9.pll. The first file - map6_cave.pll isn't even included in the single file downloads, as well as in the full music download package (I've downloaded the two 33Mb files). The remaining two files are on the download page, but downloading them isn't as straightforward, as it should be - at least in Opera. Whenever I tried to "right click & save as" I got a *.html page as a download option. Clicking on the link directly opened a new page with some symbols and the file's name on it. I could only download them by copying the url into FlashGet (download manager). Ain't really user-friendly If you ask me, or did I miss something? Oh and btw - my IE isn't working, so I couldn't test it out, I use only Opera ATM. I've checked the modify date of the two files that are downloadable (map14f.pll, cont2map9.pll) from the full 2x33Mb music DL-package and they're dated on 02/24/2006 - two days before the update, thus I guess, this would mean, that the described update is not included in the FULL DL packages. So what about it? I compared cont2map9.pll from the full 2x33Mb DL download to the single downloadable file in WinHex and their content is the same and now I'm really confused... Was it ever an update, or an attempt to update that has gone wrong? Or just a long forgotten text on a page that noone seems to notice?
  7. Houses...

    @harrybacklarry: in each MMORGP that exists out there ppl will ALWAYS ask for houses, this happens everywhere if players see that it could be done. The demand will always be there. UO is a bad example here, or rather an example of a bad implementation, houses were just placed everywhere into the woods, combine that with lagg (especially with 10+ vendors in each house) and you'll end up with huge laggy areas. That was quite annoying in UO, but it's not an option here anyway. Those ppl who will get houses here will use those houses that already exist on maps and I doubt they will ever be able to just put them wherever they want on a map.
  8. Since when did UO allow you to change into a dragon of some sort after reaching a certain lvl? There are spells who turn you into a beast or a wraith, but if you've read DoD's post more carefully you'd know he wasn't talking about spells. In UO you can change your look for money with no LVL dependencies to do it and the outcome is limited to your appearance only, having a pink beard won't giving you any special abilities in UO... :roll: So what are you talking about?
  9. has anyone suggested that...

    Sorry Ent, but I don't see how it is "common knowledge" that a combat style like "full contact karate" gives you more experience in fighting than swordplay would give for example. I'm referring here both to RL and computer games in general. IMHO this is nowhere near common sense. I see it as your opinion, but I wish you would think over it... passing by ppl who kill a garg bare handed just doesn't feel right. Besides the "reality" factor it makes weapons in EL even less attractive than most of them have become now. Which brings me to the actual point of my reply here: The beaver syndrome.... The other day I was sitting at a lonely riverside enjoying the view, just chilling a bit and listening to the music Zenogias wrote as a newbie-Q appeared in Ch-Nr2: - what is a good level and equipment to kill foxes? she asked A routine question. For the last couple of weaks I've been playing and watching over Ch.2 such questions were the most common. So I PMed the person and told her that she'd probably be fine with 8/8/8 or 9/9/9 and some weapons/armor, "but don't forget the potions" I said... She told me she were 11/12/11 and it was clear she wouldn't have any problems, but then, just out of curiosity I asked what gear she had... - tit chainmail, steel shield.... blah blah.... whatever Tit chainmail... TIT CHAINMAIL? With those combat lvls? Probably played a couple of days, have never killed a fox and she already has the best armor EL has to offer?! Ent, do you seriously still think that the struggle for beaver fur was such a good idea? Noobs are getting insane amounts of money in no time... yes, it's circulating, but at the same time you kinda sacrificed 90% of EL's weapons/armor for this "new economy state". The reason why ppl are still wearing leather pants and boots is only because we have nothing better ATM, otherwise not even a n00b who has enough brains to follow the beaver-trend would take 'em for free... As I've started playing EL there were those ppl walking around in shiny armor wielding strangely shaped swords and I though "Wow, those are the veterans - one day I will have one too..." A week ago there was nothing wrong with such a thought, now? Now a serp just means a couple of hours of beaver-slaughter and any noob can have one in no time. In addition to that those noobs who got a serp or a tit chain surely won't risk loosing it, even if they would go anywhere wearing leather armor and some cheap sword, now that they have "their precious" they'll be even more careful at exploring the world. Ent I can only advise you, please rethink your future strategy for implementing new features, above all if you plan to add more similar fur-quests. Meanwhile JonLask's suggestion is a good way to try to fix the problem that occured. I wanted to suggest weapon & armor LVL restrictions myself, but then I went off for a couple of days and as usual missed the opportunity Don't take it as a rant, even if my post sounds a bit harsh. I understand that you are trying to improve the game, but unfortunately "Sometimes with the best intentions the worst mistakes are made" (quoting Oscar Wilde here :wink: ). It's not like the downfall of EL or something, but I see it as a problem and what's more important I'm not alone with my opinion. The current combat system that favors bare-handed combat so much, combined with the current state of economy where any noob can get his hands on the best equipment EL has to offer in such a short time span produces a deadly mix we need to find a cure for... IMHO. Again, JonLask's suggestion is well worth considering.
  10. Quartz Help...

    @ninja2121: ok, we can see now that you are familiar with image editing, but can you reduce the pic in your sig to at least half of it's current height? That thing is just HUGE!
  11. 2 second anti spam.

    Disabling it just because of some jerks who can't behave? Bad idea. How would we supposed to post links to websites, like Alastria's helpsite or a guilds website in-game? That's what I do pretty often after answering some of n00b-questions - "don't forget to visit http://el.owns.it/ for more info" - or something similar. A 2 second delay sounds fine, but it should only kick in after 3 or so messages. Sometimes you just want to correct yourself typing in one word that was written wrong or giving a short answer like - yes, no, maybe...
  12. log file and harvesting

    Would be cool if that could be done somehow. Perhaps it get's better in future IF system messages get relocated from the main console into another window?

    I mean "to be there to add more realism", not just to "be there" without any point. But, yes. A couple of new skills, as long as they can be put to use, thus bringing more variety would be good to have.
  14. World Politics (Was: Beavers!!!)

    Well we shall see. I hope it calmes down, but still the price is high enough to make it a problem. Besides those how already got the money and the good items won't loose their stuff so soon, since our weapons & armor last 4ever. So prepare to meet a naked n00b running around with a serp killing rabbits...
  15. Bug in #exp command

    The only thing that is important here that there's a bug to be fixed. Besides GetStat or the "Players Online" page on EL's website is used by players.