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  1. revi booted me

    Hey, i wanna ask something. in a few days i called revi cause i have some problems with a player who is insulting me in PM. the only thing what revi said :" its private chat. i dont give a fuck" nice mod. today i see him walking nearby and i was writing fu. what does fu means? he havent got a idea. so he muted me for 30 minutes. for what reason? then i send a pm to him. hahaha was the pm. now he booted me. cya o/
  2. Unban Winni

    Hey, i want to ask you if you can unban my chars Winni and Atze.. We were banned for trade between my main char and my alt. My Son did the same and we get banned.. It happend in Dezember 2009. So i want to ask you if you can unban us. We wouldnt do the same again. I'm sorry that i say that with the Shop, cause i was very angry at this Moment. Now its your Choice what you do. It would be very nice and i would be very happy. Thank you o/ Winni
  3. Unban Winni

    Then please unlock winni.
  4. awesome Germans !

    Ich werde mich dann auch mal verabschieden ->siehe Bans. Dieser Schritt ägert mich zwar sehr, aber ich lasse mich von niemandem als Betrüger abstempeln, und ich muss mich vor niemandem rechtfertigen. Nils und ich wurden gebannt, wer weiß für wie lange. Unsere Alt-Chars werden gelöscht, samt gesammelter Sachen. Die ganze Sache ist für mich ein Unding, vor allem wenn man betrachtet, wieviel Zeit man hier reingesteckt hat. Aber das kennen ja die meisten. Falls wir wieder entbannt werden (Nils und Winni), werden wir unsere gesammelten Sachen verschenken, an Leute die man so kennen gelernt hat und die das ein oder andere gebrauchen können. Nils an seine Leute und ich an meine.Danach die chars stilllegen, aber nicht löschen. Viele Grüße von Nils an alle, die ihn kennenlernen durften. Ich grüße alle Idler,Larth,Erma,Pip,piiia,Brusu und alle die mich sonst noch so kennen. Bye Bye
  5. Locked!

    I'm locked and dont know why?
  6. Locked!

    i stick to it. i do nothing against the el-community. i'm a player like all the other player, so u have to penalize me. im sorry for that. ty
  7. Locked!

    yes, can it can be that nils play with my alt, cause he is a child. i'm too old for this discussion. it's on u to ban us or not. i only sorry for the money,that i spent on shop.
  8. Locked!

    i'm 37 years old, and i'm winni and my alt is atze. my son is 11.his main is nils and alt super_sonic. ulf is a char from my sister and i think she told him her pw. i think u see, that nils mostly log on weekend and on vacation in germany. he plays on desktop, im on my laptop, and i didnt see what he do. wizzy talk to me this day and i thought, thats ok. my fault, that i dont have a look to my son. i give out to him.
  9. Artifical Removal Stone

    Selling 1 Artificial Removal Stone. Bid here or pm me ingame. SOLD!
  10. awesome Germans !

    ...sieh zu, dass du mal wieder reinschaust...mooni
  11. German: EL im StudiVZ

    Lieber spät als nie
  12. awesome Germans !

    Auch ma Hallo sagen. HALLO!
  13. Giving away 100kgc

    Big thx to cadoras I ask him, to sell a removal stone cause i didnt see miria too. So he win the prize and give me the half. He's a honorable guy
  14. How old are you?

    Year of construction: Aug 1972