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  1. Capped arena Bug

    tested in dpa and also confirmed to have same effect there, tested with Mana Drain training with Rawr
  2. Auction, 50k iron ore

    125k ingame name l33t
  3. Lenny / Invasions channel

    agreed not much need be said
  4. hi all just trying to get el on laptop for the wife to use gettign [14:41:41] Using the server profile: main [14:41:41]Window size adjusted to 1018x712 [14:41:41]Hmm... This Mode seems to fall back in software 'acceleration' Trying to disable the stencil buffer. Using: Acer Aspire 5315-2176 laptop Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit Genuine IntelĀ® CPU T1400 @ 1.73GHz 1.73GHz 2.00 GB ram Mobile IntelĀ® 965 Express Chipset Family Not sure what else might be needed for troubleshooting if anyone can help please post here...I have already run all windows updates, and gone to intel website and updated everything...so either post here, forum pm me or pm me ingame as L33t.. thanks for any help that is given
  5. Scythe & Dragon blade

    In game bid on Scythe for 100k gc from PinkRoses AUCTION CLOSED SINCE MYLANN HASN'T BEEN ONLINE ( L33t Of the same instance party as the rewards )
  6. AUCTION CLOSED Gabor, Mydara, Jajohn, Gtx, Spasitel and myself(L33t) did instance today getting nice helm drop Starting bid on Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana is 190k gc BUY NOW 280k gc-----SOLD Auction ends by sunday or when BUY NOW is used Bid here or pm L33t ingame
  7. Cool instance stuff

    60k bid for dblade
  8. Old skool Pk event

    sign me up L33t
  9. Yet another great Instance

  10. Yet another great Instance

    buy now used up on scythe auction closes soon
  11. Yet another great Instance

    Ingame bid of 160k
  12. Yet another great Instance

    well again elg3neral, tico, jajohn, bromber, bigbass, sergey and myself(L33t) completed an instance; Auctioning Scythe: starting bid 160,000 gc BUY NOW: 190,000 gc -sold DragonBlade: starting bid 70,000 gc BUY NOW 90,000 gc Steel axe Const : 1000 gc ---sold Auction will end in 1 week or earlier if BUY NOW is used up.
  13. AUCTION CLOSED Party members contact me in game L33t
  14. Bronze Swords and Scythe for sale!

    190k for scythe
  15. Bronze Swords and Scythe for sale!

    i bid 180k for scythe -l33t ingame-