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  1. Corpus Opis

    Well duckie (Duckman) isn't really an old time player....not original memeber of co but then again, neither am i but ya, i miss him too and i can tell you that most probably he won't play.....he's been very busy......As for me, well i'm already playing an all pk game and i'm one of the highest level players in the game so unless entropy comes up with a plan that players won't lose what they are wearing when pked...and unless he comes up with one or 2 safe places in the game where you cannot be pked...i'm not interested in playing. No fun to be pked and lose what your wearing after spending so much time and money making it and no fun being pked when trading or manufacturing...etc.....not that anyone is really interested or cares about what i think but i just wanted to comment anyway. However, crus will play.......he's a glutton for evilness..lol.....we all know that and it's why we all love him . But what about other players such as trop and boki and mikac and flexo and even mamawarrior....etc?... Omg there are so many more old members. Are they coming back too? I miss co and my friends very much but i'm not playing a game that doesn't give you a chance to level other skill aside from combat because everyone is pking you all the time. I think changes will need to be made. Ok, well that's my little comment for the day I miss you guys...but i'm out of here.....bye.
  2. Cooldown log

    i have nothing to say unless i'm allowed to bitch big time, so until then you won't here anything from me except that with every update you make, you screw this game even more........your eventually going to lose players...........that's all i'm saying. One year suspension from the forums.
  3. new sig i made

    WOW!!!! street hun, it's really really nice. Very creative. You definitely have talent hun
  4. *CO*

    Do me a favour and go cry to your mommy about it.......I heard enough from you twits........You all sound like spoiled little brats....cry babies...waaaaaaa!!!! "Oh but he was rude to me and she was mean to him and etc......." Seems to me there are a good amount of people in this game who have just as foul language as the next person. It really bothered me when i started playing el almost 2 years ago. But you learn to either ignore it or live with it........Not be a tattle tell baby and running to post it in forum. Not so long ago i was called a whore and it really really hurt me but i didn't go running to post the log in forum. Instead i pked the person.....got much more satisfaction from that. How about trying to be a little more mature about it and try taking a different approach rather then rushing to play tattle tell.We all have to grow up sometime. The present would be good.
  5. *CO*

    Boy you really are only half a pint full, aren't you hun? Get your facts straight before you post! Next has been gone for about a year now.....and is only just starting to come back.
  6. *CO*

    reason you never saw crus do anything wrong is because he never has done anything wrong..........pking is part of this game.....and it's time all the cry babies learn to live with it.
  7. *CO*

    excellent ssj, you keep thinking that...........it's exactly where we want you...lol!!!
  8. *CO*

    It's certainly wasn't a threat....However, i'm getting tired of defending members of *CO* to the rest of the players in this game......especially since none of them have done anything illegal......So, buck up people! Either live with *CO* the way they are cause we're not going to change or if you really can't handle it then stop going into pk maps or just stop playing altogether....I mean seriously people, this is a game for goodness sake and as crus said, it's clearly written what pk maps are for before you enter so it's not like your going in there without knowing what to expect. I wasn't always *CO* and was pked by Next ruthlessly when i first started playing el. Hey! Wow!.........I lived to tell about it.........Like i said, buck up and if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the oven, plain and simple.
  9. *CO*

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes Kala, the one with the goat...lol
  10. *CO*

    So you all think Crus is the worst of all evil, well maybe he is and maybe he isn't. Soon you will all have a new contender to compare crus with and to run away from with your tails between your legs.....Who is the worst of all evil? Is it Crus or is it......Next? Yes, that's right boys and girls, Next is back and he's active and hes as evil as Crus if not more...I guess that will be for all of you to judge. You guys had a semi vacation with Crus.....Just wait till all you noobs meet "NEXT"....HA HA HA!!! You think Crus is bad? Just you all wait! Between Crus and Next.......i wish you all a very happy vacation in hell...... As for you enyo.....concerning what you said about me bagjumping.........I said it before and i will say it again!......I DO NOT BAG JUMP! NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL! So unless you have proof to back up your accusations......stfu!!!
  11. UTi & *CO* break all ties

    i am so sorry it has come to this too fireballs hun. You know i have always liked you. As i said to you once before, i hope this won't affect our friendship.....As you know i don't pk......hopefully that will make a difference with your guild. As for crus and the rest of my guild, the way i see it, they aren't doing anything wrong. Co is and always has been pk, nothing changed in that regard. People who go into pk maps take a risk, and they know it. If they don't want to be pked, then they shouldn't be there. I hope you understand that i'll always defend my guild especially if they really haven't done anything wrong. And as i said to you yesterday hun.....What would el be if there were not pkers? It would be boring, that's what.........I'm very sorry this has happened to our guilds but as i said, i truly hope you and i are ok....hugs hun.
  12. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    chickengeorge, you don't know what the hell your talking about........You have nerve making accusations when your the one who is banned. What's more, crus has been playing el long before you and has never once macroed........He got his stats legally, more then i can say for you. Why don't you get your facts straight before you open that big fat mouth of yours. As for the rest of *CO*, we are not a large groupe and if you noticed we are also not the strongest. If we were macroing, don't you think our stats would be higher then what they are? Like hello!!!!!!!.......doesn't take an Eistien to figure that out.....EEEEk forgot, your too ignorant to know that.
  13. Corpus Opis *CO*

    Also remember how willing i was to let you go? That should say it all...lol
  14. Corpus Opis *CO*

    Excuse me????????? i and no one else in *CO* begged anything from you gryflet.....We offered to invite you and that's it.......Being a little arragant don't you think?
  15. nura

    Hi could you pls white list my character "nura". Her ip address is the same as princessarora's. Thank you.