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  1. Easy rider

    Egad! Am I that old?? That's the movie of the century!!! Oh... wait....
  2. Guess the player name!

    Tanks for the Samurai Puppy Detective?
  3. Wildlife

    Fun pics, get some Springtime ones if you can! There are plenty by me due to the suburban munchies they can find. Great fun to watch as well as the songbirds, groundhogs, skunks, woodchucks, wild turkeys, marmots, foxes, whistlepigs, raccoons, river rats, squirrels, land beavers, chipmunks, giant hamsters, bunnies, and more stinkin' garden razing groundhogs, grr! I love venison but wouldn't eat the locals, they must be full of lawn treatment chemicals!
  4. Soulja Boy

    I'll bite, how much for the fuzzy purple chimney sweep hat? Something that Jerry Garcia would have worn..... Red and white, blue suede shoes, I'm Uncle Sam, how do you do? Gimme five, I'm still alive, Ain't no luck, I learned to duck. Check my pulse, it don't change. Stay seventy-two come shine or rain. I'm Uncle Sam, That's who I am. Been hiding out, In a rock n' roll band!
  5. Good job Labster! Very speedy! Is it okay to pass the news around? Doesn't help my site much, the url is about the same length http://lnkz.co.uk/goofus I just want to know why my hair still looks green. Fix that, will ya?
  6. Guess the player name!

    WeaselTurd !
  7. Favorite Colors

  8. Geeky-cool, LabRat!! I'm just embarrassed to say what I was doing at minute zero.... lining up dominoes to knock down and listening to my new Beatles album from Christmas! (Abbey Road, I think.)
  9. Can't Connect

    I'll confirm that, same time, PK server. I just had lag and Hungry Grue issues which I blamed on MicroSoft downloading more bugs or erasing a few drives.... One thing that surprised me was that PK Gossip was eaten by the Grue! Lol! Dilly, by the way I'm in New Amsterdam (NY, USA) so we all were affected!
  10. Glorious!! ...but, is it.... irony?
  11. Bur can cook

    Great thread Burfoot!! I just got back online since the summer and started rummaging through the forums the other day. Love this one, and will get cookin' on all your great recipes! Being poverty stricken I hereby offer selections that cost little, take little time, use few utensils, and are gnome-free (in case of allergies.) -> SOUP <- Needs no introduction, comes in many varieties... One large saucepan One wooden spoon One faucet (with which we may obtain water) One source of boily heat One package Ramen Noodles (any flavor) All else is optional: 1 or 2 eggs 2 handfuls frozen veggies (any and all varieties) 1 can legumes (any variety) 1 well-stocked flavor cabinet (spice rack plus) 1 onion Lotsa garlic (in case of vampires) 1 spoonful fancy vinegar or Teriyaki, Worchester, Soy, you get the idea. 1 handful fresh veggies (carrots, celery, shrooms, greens) 1 imagination (or this list will go on forever) Intercourse with heat source Turn stove on, fill saucepan with water just under halfway depending on your pile of ingredients. I'm know to reach the rim adding one more handful of yum. Hint: never turn the flame on a gas stove all the way up unless the kitchen is cold, it's a waste of money. 3/4 flame gets to a boil just as quick. Sprinkle on the water black pepper and your favorite herbs and spices. Basil, thyme, bay, parsley, etc. Bosco and Pixie Stix maybe not so much.... A bullion cube to match the flavor of the Ramen you choose can make up for a large amount of water if you like the beefy or chickeny flavor. I like to add two tiny dried severely hot peppers at this point for my libido. Add a spoonful of Balsamic Vinegar or other spicy sauce at this point. Adding Ingrediments Righto! We have a slightly burbling pot of dirty, smelly water. Now, what takes longest to cook without turning to mush... carrots maybe? If you want to add fresh hard veggies, do it now. Frozen veggies are next, let the cauldron bubble gently while you chop an onion and mince or press at least one clove of garlic. Hint: To help cure a cold or flu make soup with a whole bulb of fresh garlic plus the hottest fresh peppers and spices you can find. When you are sick it tastes great and all the evil virii get flushed out with the garlic sweat. The trick to the real cure is add the garlic last and do not let it cook, it must stay raw, hot but raw. Garlic is natures penicillin! Remember, all ingredients are optional, imagination must be used, and lots of people cannot abide onions or garlic. You will need to replace these powerful flavors with something you prefer. Final Steps Once the veggies are cooked to your liking, throw in a can o' beans. Cheap and high protein. Again, your choice, but recommended. Anything from lentils to garbanzos (yum, hummus!) I like to add the juice from the can just for the extra eat value but it can overwhelm some flavors. Another can to add is spinach, not to mention beets, limas, corn, whatever. Point being is now is time to add canned ingrediments. Lastly add any leafy greens, bring to a boil, then shut the whole rig down. Before the whole stops bubbling stir in your egg. If the soup is thick enough to your liking, the egg isn't necessary, but it's healthy. I like a thick dense soup. Feast Away The soup takes me about 1/10 of the time to make than I'm taking to write about it. Remember that everything is optional. I add all of it and more, making two meals for just a few dollars and love every spoonful. I didn't mention meat. For simple cheap soup you can really make up for meat with lots of flavors not to mention the egg and beans. No reason not to add meat, but for the sake of convenience I use leftovers. Chicken chunks, pot roast leavings, minced bacon is a great soup ingredient! I always dump some sprinkly cheese on the soup while I eat, but I'm known to cheese out on everything (ice cream even.) For me it replaces salt (which it contains.) Salt isn't good for most people so in this case I'll say the bullion that comes with the Ramen Noodles has enough salt for the whole soup. Again it's a matter of preference. I hope some of that made sense, and sparked some appetites! By the way, here is a quick version of the origin of the above, a story I loved as a kid: http://www.extremelinux.info/stonesoup/stonesoup.html
  12. More stupid EL jokes (vol. IV)

    Just a thread to let me make up rubbish while keeping me on topic in channels..... How does Bob the Gob try to catch fish? He drowns them! How many Goblins does it take to screw up in a light bulb? *Munch, munch* Yum! Pop Rocks!! How do you know when a Goblin is eating supper? He's a' gobblin'..... Yah? Let's see you do better!
  13. Such a cutie pie! And so's your little dog, too!! I think she's a Pierette....
  14. Just a quick thanks

    I have to third the motion! Can't wait to get a computer as good as Orick's, but I have to say on my old 600 MB cpu and 384 RAM with 32 MB vid card the game plays good enough for me. Just the fact that you have enough switchable options to allow that to happen is something I'm very thankful for!
  15. Wondering about this

    Groovy, Daddy-O!! I'm gonna score me some skins and make me some bongos!! How about for tailoring? Davy Crockett/Daniel Boone outfits?
  16. Just curious

    You have read 101 of 337 books shown ~ Shabby, but not too shabby...
  17. Guess the movie

    Definitely looks like dinnertime! How about 'The Big Night?'
  18. Guess the movie

    Lunch Club!
  19. The Perils of Dung Harvesting

    I'm sure it's all over the web by now, but funny enough to link to here! Manure thief Falls into Dung, Flees Naked
  20. Artificer is back as a perk!

    ~ I'm happy, bittersweet but happy! Being a Dvarf, I like to make stuff out of stuff and make it good! Artificer was always a coveted concept for me. Maybe make better stuff out of good stuff! ~ I was one of the few who reset, scrimped and saved PP's and GC's to get the perk less than a month before it was discontinued. *sigh* Couldn't complain though, the redemption in PP's for the loss of the perk was worth it and did me good. Someday I would get the cloak (before my 75th birthday.) ~ Today Artificer is back! Perky as ever! It so happens that last night I hit OA 56 and saw how much exp it would take for 57 and decided..... naw... I'd rather reset... much more fun! Took a few neg perks and beefed up my emus for some heavy harv'ing before the reset. ~ Good timing! After I reset, the PP's for Arti will be a breeze! That and Excavator, and I'll be a happy Dvarf! All I have to do is talk one of you misers to lend me 60k GC's!! ~ Anyone else glad Arti is back? Angry? Don't care? I'm curious....
  21. USA 2008 Elections

    I'm waiting to see who the Greens will endorse. Obama may well lose to McCain, if only because of his heritage, something I find severely disturbing. Regardless, he does not have the qualifications or experience for the job. I may wind up voting for Obama if the numbers get too close in my area if only to help bring Rasberrybeard and his mates home for good! Not to mention what they deserve when they get back (jobs, housing, medical, education....) Drue don't forget that we ARE our government, that's what democracy is all about! For the people, of the people, by the people. That adds up to IS the people. Yeah, call me Pollyanna. Still it's the truth, and it will take a hella moving and shaking to change things well enough just to give some power to some good people. It can happen and it has to happen.
  22. Guess the movie

    I remember being scared silly seeing "Them" on TV when I was little! May actually be the reason I'm still spooked by bugs....
  23. Artificer is back as a perk!

    Ooop! I forgot about the 10 Human nexus for the cape! Aaaah.... still, reset cures all ills! (um... IMHO )
  24. perks

    Play with your perks, people! I'm a reset freak, it's way much too fun! Every time I reset my perk list gets changed. One perk I'm addicted to is Fast Regeneration, particularly for a fresh character (experiment with alts, even more fun!) With Fast Regen, Mother Nature doesn't hurt so bad and healing isn't so important. Monster Magnetism is crucial for me before Defense level 26. Still handy after, if not beefed up for fighting. The cloak is useful, but it's nice to not have to worry about clothing. I'm like that in RL too... Currently at OA 56 I have had Scotty Died, Eat Dead People and, natch, Fast Regen. My next reset will get me Artificer, Excavator, and Free Millions. Oh, it isn't? OK, well the first two will do....