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  1. [patch] Kill Counter

    I haven't had the time to look into these bugs yet (well, I have, but I always found something better to do), but thanks to Bahrain and Kindar Naar, I see that both bugs can be solved easily. I'll post a patch within the next few days, unless someone beats me to it (please do, I'm tired of this code and want to forget about it).
  2. [patch] Kill Counter

    I was hoping this would happen so infrequently that it would be a non-issue. I didn't want to specifically add a check for Chimerans because it would have to be updated if other Chimeran-like creatures were added.
  3. Getting your own actor confusion

    void increment_death_counter(actor *a) { actor *me = get_actor_ptr_from_id(yourself); if (!me || !me->async_fighting) { return; } if (a != me) { increment_kill_counter(me, a); } else { actor *me, *them; me = a; The assertion a != me means that the else clause asserts a == me. The problem is, after asserting that a == me, it assigns me = a. Since me is already a, why make it a again? Ah, yes.
  4. Getting your own actor confusion

    I think I can explain this. pf_get_our_actor() used to parse the whole actors list too. Then someone wrote get_actor_ptr_from_id() because pf_get_our_actor() was only made available to pathfinder.c. Then your_actor was added and pf_get_our_actor was made a wrapper. Then I used get_actor_ptr_from_id() in counters.c because I didn't notice that your_actor (a much better way of doing it) was added. *Whew* actor *me, *them; should be actor *them; It's not a big problem though. [Edit: maybe you meant something else? I can't see any other problems though.]
  5. [patch] Kill Counter

    I'll fix this and the total wipe bug this weekend. I hope these are the last two bugs in my patch, because this weekend will probably be my last free weekend before the update.
  6. [patch] Kill Counter

    And now I don't think there is such a bug. I haven't been able to make it happen again and nobody else has reported it. Maybe it had something to do with all the client versions I've been testing.
  7. [patch] Kill Counter

    Rostogols and other things found while harvesting are not counted, but enriched essences and modable weapons are.
  8. crash in counters.c

    Here's a fix: diff -Nru elc/counters.c elc_fix/counters.c --- elc/counters.c 2006-05-09 00:22:29.000000000 +0100 +++ elc_fix/counters.c 2006-05-10 03:35:27.000000000 +0100 @@ -564,7 +564,7 @@ { actor *me = get_actor_ptr_from_id(yourself); - if (!me->async_fighting) { + if (!me || !me->async_fighting) { return; } Can someone apply this to CVS, please? Weird. I don't see why get_actor_ptr_from_id(yourself) would fail here.
  9. [patch] Kill Counter

    Yes, however the client crash for me everytime i exit thru alt-x. And this started when counters.c/h was added yesterday or if it was the day before that. I cant debug it either to see whats wrong, cause i just updated to MSVC2005 and havent properly configured it yet. I have also tested deleting the counter_something....dat file. One suggestion: save the counter data atleast once per hour. To see if the counters code is to blame, try compiling the client without -DCOUNTERS and see if it still crashes. Edit: D'oh! There is a bug that causes the data to be lost. It just happened to me. I can't understand it though. I'm too tired to root out the problem now, but watch this thread.
  10. [patch] Kill Counter

    Unfortunately that will happen. The data is saved when the client is closed cleanly, or when you log in again after disconnecting. This isn't a bug in itself, it's a side effect of other bugs in the development client.
  11. Camera freedom, zoom and the sky

    Another problem besides FPS is that i can still only click and walk within a small area, anyone know if this could be extended? It must be possible if you can click the other side of the map and walk there. Yes, it can be extended by using pf_find_path() in place of MOVE_TO.
  12. [patch] Kill Counter

    Yes. It just was. Sorry, I forgot to do that after doing a cvs update.
  13. Bug with f2 in latest CVS

    go_to_url_thread = SDL_CreateThread (go_to_url(url), 0); Yes, that's where it's crashing. A quick fix would be to replace that with: go_to_url_thread = SDL_CreateThread (go_to_url, url); It's Torg's code, so ask him to fix it.
  14. [patch] Kill Counter

    Ok, here's a windows build, but be warned that there are bugs in there that have nothing to do with my patch.
  15. The impossible

    An ear of corn. 'e'