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  1. bot owners...

    I'm not bot owner but admin and I would like to be added to secure forum. trade bots: Potione,Magellan ingame name: Timbol
  2. New Enterance :)

    I don't understand why you (tech gods) don't want to help new players. You put tutorial npc into IP why don't you want to add some more improvements?
  3. Linux download

    Works for me
  4. Exping in teams

    Oh, I understand what you mean now. But I still don't like it, would allow newbies to go and get leet drops from Yetis and stuff like that. However, one thing I am willing to do is have a spell or item that will make you have 'aggro', so one strong player can get the aggro, and weaker player still be able to attack the monster without being attacked in return. If 10% x (number of team members) is too much you can always lower that number. Don't forget that if big group of newbies will kill Yeti it would be great fun for them for the first time but when they share gc between themselfs it will be not much for each other. It is normal that few persons can kill stronger monster than one.
  5. Exping in teams

    I think everyone knows that you can fight in cooperation with another players on multi maps but it's not the point because nobody do that exept fighting dragon. So we are trying to think up a solution that teaming will be more payable.
  6. Exping in teams

    When I was talking about 10% x (number of team members) more defense to each member I wasn't mean defence expirience, I was talking about defence skill. It would make party stronger so thay can hunt stronger monsters than alone. Example: 4 players with 20 def will get 10% x 4 = 40% more defense each when in team so they will have 28 def.
  7. Exping in teams

    It is not a nightmare to code, it would take maybe a week at most (including testing, debugging and adjustments). But it is not worth coding it because of the reasons I mentioned. I'd rather spend my time coding stuff people would actually use. Did you took into consideration that you will have to add new team button and new team window into client? And in this window should be options to create/destroy team, add/drop team member, join/leave team. And of course new chat window...
  8. Exping in teams

    This would be unfair because as i know the higher lvl the lower exp. e.g att lvl 35 You attack garg and get let's say +50 att exp but if u lvl to att 36 you get only +49 att exp for same type of garg. Example: Player with 10 att will get 10% of exp when in team with player with 90 att wich will get 90% of exp You can divide expirience equally between members of a team but as a bonus you can give each of them for example 10% x (number of team members) more defense so if bigger team will be than more defanse will each member get
  9. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Another bug in Bot.pm. Whene you want bot to give you more of item then it have it will exit with such message: Can't use string ("60") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i686-linux/Games/EternalLands/Bot.pm line 1622, <FP> line 47. In line 1622 there is now: $self->sendPM($user,"Sorry, I only have ".$give->{'quantity'}." $name"); but should be: $self->sendPM($user,"Sorry, I only have ".$give." $name"); and it fix this error
  10. Exping in teams

    Can you show me in my post where exactly I'm wrong? Maybe you don't undestand what I'm trying to say? Sorry english is not my native language. Your example is right and this is the problem I'm talking about - it is not worth teaming in EL - lets try to change it.
  11. Exping in teams

    You don't like this idea because it would be nightmare to code it and there is a lot of problems you will face when trying to do this (you even give one - to less xp to share). People don't like to teaming on monsters because it is no worth to do this in EL not because it is less fun.
  12. Exping in teams

    That is perfectly how it should be really, imagine a something 'attempting' to hit 5 things at once... It is not how it should be because people will not play in teems if only one person get expirience for this and what is purpose of makeing multiplayer game in which you kill monsters alone? Who are you calling newbie?
  13. Exping in teams

    You can do that now... When I kill monsters in EL i feel like it was single player game not moltiplayer and I think this is because it is not profitable to exp in team in EL and beacause of it EL is loseing a lot of fun.
  14. My sugestion is to make possibility of making teams. All members of such team will get expierience when team will fight. Members can fulfill different role (some can fight the rest can heal them or use bows). It won't be so boring on spawn.
  15. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Someone told me that this is not always working as expected so I check my code and found that I made some more changes. Here all decodeTitle code: sub decodeTitle { my ($title) = @_; my ($name,$nameC,$guild,$guildC) = ("","","",""); my ($i,$j,$k); my $len = length($title); for($i=0; $i <= $len-1; $i++) { (ord(substr($title,$i)) >= 127) || last; } for($j=$i; $j <= $len-1; $j++) { (ord(substr($title,$j,1)) < 127) || last; } if ($j <= $len-1) { for($k=$j; $k <= $len-1; $k++) { (ord(substr($title,$k,1)) >= 127) || last; } $guildC = ord(substr($title,$j,$k-$j)); $guild = substr($title,$k); $name = substr($title,$i,$j-$i-1); } else { $name = substr($title,$i,$j-$i); } $nameC = ord(substr($title,0,$i)); return ([$nameC,$name],[$guildC,$guild]); } and I use this function like that (line 1001 in oryginal Client.pm): my ($name,$guild) = decodeTitle(unpack('Z*',substr($data,28,14)));