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  1. Several Ideas

    I think that fires should be able to be created anywhere...HOWEVER, meat should not be able to be cooked on the fire, as you would burn your hands. I think you should need to use Fire Essence, frying pan, then raw meat, and mix in manu screen. As for the making fires I like the fires, jsut not for cooking things. Itd make game kinda cool, and if fires were used for cokking, it would make big problem like the storage units lol....crowded.
  2. I posted in another post about new magic, but imporving magic casting here goes: I suggest the F9-F12 keys be specifically for spell casting, and you can equip 4 spells at once (to equip the buttons, have 4 bars to the riht of the sigil screen, and 2 square for F9, then for F10 make three, and so on till F12 is 5 that way, too many high elvel skills cant be used, (or make it F9-2, F10-2, F11-3, F12-4). That way you can keep track of things better, and this way you press say F-11 for remote heal, you look for spell fails, and if you successfully cast spell, make a ONE FOR ALL MESSGAE FOR EVERYTHING THAT READS---> SUCCESSFUL!! Saves on a lot of things, so if you cast spell you get Successful, and for making pot Successful, and for cruching bones Successful...and so on etc. etc.
  3. New stuff

    I figure this is best for what I have to say lol. Ok, magic. I agree (and know) more magic needs to be implemented. I think it is silly to go through all those essences and not have any use for 90% of the mtill you reach the Health essence (at lvl 28 I think...). As for new weapons. We do need more. I honestly think that the iron broadsword is too strong. I think they should reduce Iron sword to about 5 attack 1 hit, and make broadsword more like 8 not 11. Then I suggest the inevitable bow. I would say strongest bow is 10 attack, as much higher could become a nuisance. 15 at the most is too much in my opinion. I woul say short bow is 3 attack and 2 hit, then next would be long bow at 6 attack and 2 hit, then the Elven bow at 10 attack and 1 hit. As for more q-staffs, I also agree, but not that many lol. At most I would say 3 more. After the q-staff ( I think its called), should come Steel Q-staff ( I dont know any of the staffs attibutes, so I cant suggest power). Then the next could be Ogre Q-staff. The the Battle Staff (best staff), topped out at 3-5 more attack then the Serpent sword, mainly so that staffs have to be held in two hands. Then Axes.....we need axes. I say first axe is called Woodsman Hatchet, with 4 attack. Then plainly Axe at 6 attack. Then Large Axe with 10 attack. Great axe at about 13 attack. Then Broad axe at 16 attack. Then the Battle Axe at 20 attack. (I simply didnt put any hit because I dont think they should have any hit nor lose any) Armor, we need more sets ofi it. I would say that you can buy some armor in IP to start with if you amke enough money, say....t-shirt (itd be 1 of 3 colors you choose to buy (as there should be a variety of them), and they add 1 defense (I think leather torso should be moved up to 2 considering the legs are 2, then maybe move the legs to 1 def)). Then maybe some pants....that ad +1 to hit and thats it lol. Then insert more armor, and bump some other up in defense, and add more creatures to compensatef or increased defense. And also need to ad tit shield at +5 def. And then Alchemy....I think Iron bar need to be at level 25 (or the same level as the first manu item of swords as thats what its needed for). And situate the essences better, as health and magic are at the top, and the first spell is healing and remote healing, which needs both of these. Next on list is Medallions. They are an easy way to get defense as Stars is 35k and it gives +3 I think to defense. I think it needs to be higher priced. Then cloaks., they need to be bumbped up in price as well, or lowered. Because if you can afford one you usually cant wear it yet, and if you cna wear it, you dont relally need most of them. Magic regenerates +2 more mana, yet most magic users just simply use pots. Then the othe cloaks such as the one the makes item loss down to 40% instead of 50%, thats not too bad, but it shouldnt be so much, either taht or bump it up good. Thn the alc cloak, by the time you can use that, you mining gold ore from the gold miens, and dont have to wory about gobs even if your naked. Then creatures, if anything at all, make more respawns. I mean when I want to fight foxes/wolves/snakes/ I am at a short supply. Even if one more respwn is added at certain places where these three or others are spawning, I could be killing Bogs by now. lol Then cmaera moves too slow lol. I dont have trouble now, but it does move a little slow. PK areas....their needs to be a set limit of levels able to attack others (i.e. if I am level 16, and go to pk, and I run into a level 20-??? your dead. I think their needs to be a limit. I would say max of 3 levels each way OR if that isnt an option, maybe make it to where if your level 15 or below in one of your three main stats, you cant be attacked, unless you do the atatcking. As for the 10 second before being able to atatck or be attacked, I think it should be moved up to about 25-30 seconds in all pk areas, and just 10 in the others. Or if thats too hard atleast 15 seconds. As for the new creatures, make the white rabbits stronger by like 1/1/1 the nthe brown lso making them give more xp. Then between the rabbits and deer, make like a badger at 5/5/5 or maybe a squirrel at the level of the brown rabbits, and make the brown rabbits stronger by like 1 more and bump up the whites above the brown by 1. Then bring the deer down 1 level, and add a grass snake (considering these levels sem to be mostly snakes) at 2 above the deer after the drop it gets. Then after the wolf add a snowfield wolf (its white of course) at 2 above current wolf, and bump the gobs up by 1. That will make the lower levels of things a little more advanced. As for higher, make different colored gobs, such as normal just keep as it is, then make a red goblin that is 2 higher then the normal, and then maybe even a blue or purple or something lol. Then maybe add like a short Gargoyle that is just above the red goblin or something. Then maybe ad a baby cub for the next above mini/short Garg. If I think of more I will prolly post more later.
  4. Auto Harvester

    ]I agree with that last post. I dont really like scripts, but I do find harvesting takes a toll on my hands. Then the constant typing I do helping out otherpeople, and then all the other clicking I do lol. It does get kind of annoying at ties and tiring.