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  1. When i log in it closes

    I really really need some help. Everytime i start EL it works fine untill i log into my character then it closes almost like crashes. All my drivers are updated because of two reasons... i have a brand new laptop and also because i tried updating them but they where all the most recent version. So if anyone could help me that would be great.
  2. Give Me Another Chance

    What do you mean? details? What ya need to know?
  3. Give Me Another Chance

    ?Get back to me?
  4. Give Me Another Chance

    All i remember is my mian. ffej. after i got banned i stopped playing for while btu i cannot resist it. Therefor i dont know the other chars name. It was my cousions anyways and hes only 10 he dosent remember either. Many of the noobs where mad because i killed them i never lured anyone in there. They where mad because they didnt get there stuff back. But i will tell you this if you give me my character back you will not hear of any of those things ever happing again. Just please giev me another chance. Plz. You have a wonderful game here. I will not lure any noobs or anyone anywehre or use two characters at once. I PROMISE. Take my word for it.
  5. Give Me Another Chance

    ffej i forgot the other name of the char. it was a bout 6 months ago.
  6. Give Me Another Chance

    I started playing a long time ago. Approximilty a year ago. Then i was banned. I got my cousion to start playing. And we like to hangout. I love to play EL so did he. We logged into both our accounts. Taking turns at playing in shifts. And occasionally doing trades between the two of us. I did not know that was illegal at the time. It has been 6 months and i cannot stand not playing this game this game is great. I could start over with a new char but its taking me so long to get this. I now know that you cannot have two accounts logged on at once and especally not trade. I will NEVER EVER do anything like that again. Im willing to pay a fine to get my char back. Such as a gc fine or take some of my armor or weps or something. I will not liek i said before ever cheat in any way. You can flag my account also and check on it. So if i ever screw up again you can just ban me forever. Everyone deserves a second chance i belive. Trust me if you give me a second chance you wont regrete it. I would be like a phantom warrior and be gone like a ghost. You will never here of me doing anything wrong ever again. Just please consider. The old character's name is ffej. My name backwards. Plz. I promise you nothing will happen. I love EL. You have a great game here. Let me know what you think....
  7. Messed up. Sorry ^^^
  8. My Name Is ffej (ingame) and now i cant log in all of a sudden. I type my password in and it just wont log me in. It does not say wrong password or anything it just wont log me in. Plz Help!!! Jeff
  9. Djwoirol was fighting an animal and Wolferien came up and dj ended up dieing. Well Wolf said he was waitn for dj to get there and then about 3 mins later ran off w/ is DB. Later that day i seen him post Selling Iron Plate Mail which is one of the things dj lost. He lost over 14k worth of stuff. So if everyone could watchout that would be good. BTW wolf's a n00b!
  10. Pigsdofly and the *EL* guild

    Its very interesting that you mentioned this... He actually did the same to me also. You do all know he did get a name change! Lol! But i'll leave that one up to you guys to figure out! I have pked him tons of times sense then so its kinda even now!

    Anyone can buy from me. You can post what you want to buy and the price. You can also bid on all of this as a whole. Just leave coments here or PM in the game as ffej! Thank-You SELLING FLOWERS: Blue Lupine: 326 Blue Star Flower: 24 Tiger Lilly: 17 Tree Mushroom: 300 Sun Flower: 50 Impatiens: 273 Mullein: 20 MINERALS: Coal: 100 WEAPONS-- Wooden Battle Hammer: 10 Iron Sword: 7 Iron Broad Sword: 8 Iron Battle Hammer: 5 Wooden Staff: 6 ARMOR: Damaged Iron Greave: 1 Enhanced Wooden Shield: 3 Leather Torso: 4 Iron Shield: 1 ESSENCES: Fire- 100 POTIONS: Summoning Potion: 6 MISC. Thread: 84 Leather: 50 Vials: 23 JEWERLY: Polished Ruby: 2 Polished Sapphire: 1 BUYING: 2 Bidding Stones 50 Gold Bars 1 Hydro Bar 1 Wolf Frame Bar 4 ELE's And Can trade for Ingreds too!
  12. buck_nasty is a bag JUMPER

    Thank-You everyone for helping me! I will try to delet this once he gives me back my stuff but i dont really know how so will someone tell me how? LOL
  13. buck_nasty is a bag JUMPER

    I was fighting a bear by NC arena and when i was about to die he got close getting ready to bag jump. Once i died i pmed him and he signed off w/ saying anything becasue he knew he was wrong! I lost Tit serp and Greaves! WATCH OUT FOR HIM!
  14. Pkerguy scammed me

    Umm I did scame and i worked it out we are cool now! I will never scame again!!!!
  15. Pkerguy scammed me

    He said to fight an armed skelly b/c i could do it. So i did and it was going good and then i was watching the skellys health and it increased! Once or Twice and he said it does it once a min. SO he tried killing me HES A SCAMMER!