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  1. Big Storage cleanout, all items are offer only, please post on forums, i am a busy person and do not want a million pm's.


    too cheap...i can sell all new flowers for 1gc each...


    Well since you are such a busy person, you could probably save yourself a lot of time and pm's if you listed prices then ;)


    If i added all the prices it would take over an hour...id rathe rhave people offer then get pms askign for lower prices or something.

  2. Slowly re-adding items, stop back periodically to see what is new.





    1 Book of Steel Axe Construction

    1 Book of Iron sword of fire

    3 Book of Potion of Manufacturing

    1 Book of Humans Fighting

    2 Book of Bear Fighting

    2 Book of Dwarf Fighting

    1 Book of Snakes Summoning

    1 Book of Titanium Axe Construction

    1 Book of Potion of Summoning

    1 Book of Gargoyles Summoning

    1 Book of Potion of Physique

    1 Book of Iron Smelting

    2 Book of Crafting Potion

    2 Book of Bear Summoning

    1 Book of Iron Axe Construction

    1 Book of Elf Fighting

  3. thansk krakas3, its easy when your not one yourself. she was not afk, she said "gg" after the invasion was over, ~1 minutes after. I guess we can give her a break because she is new but i did tell her its not nice to steal.

  4. during the invasion aximuthial died and lost exc cloak, chritina picked it up, i asked her to either give to me to return to axi or return it and she completely ignored me. If she bj's an exc cloak she will bj other items too it shows...a bjer is a bjer...I know its only exc but it could have been your steel set :)



  5. As a warning, he is joining =z= which does not allow any o fthis non-sense, i told him, 1 insult, bad report, scam, an dhe is out, he promised to change...so we wil see. This is not get get =z= a bad rep.




    P.S. I think we can close thsi topic.

  6. it has crashed 2/4 times on me, the 1/4 time it basically froze, and the last time i tryed it it used up about half my cpu so el lagged, and as a note, there is no change in fps, the usual 61


    windows x media center, about 2 years old so no problem with the ocmputer, it has 516 mb graphics card so graphics are good...

  7. i am posting for lightspeed my friend, he wont post annihilation on outlaws but someone must, lightsped (in guild lol) had a bag of 10k iron, he hasked his guildie to watch it, annihilation steps on it and lets it poof after 12 or so minutes, light came back,a nnihilation told him it poofed, later on light found out annihilation made a video of the bag poofing...so dont trust him, he also is in fusry and tryed to start trouble in =z=...so watch out



  8. today at glacmor secret, he was serping orcs, it took him 3 kills, i iged hima nd told him to stop, he didnt, i iged havn and threatened to red tag if ednovel wouldnt stop, he told me glacmor orcs are a 2 person spawn, and that he cou ld serp them...so beware of thise serper, because he won't stop.


    ps it was havn guild

  9. I was in srm walking and suddenly I was dissconnected. I closed EL and it kept saying "Can't connect to server" So I am not sure if its the server or if I'm IP banned :)


    Obviously you can't pm me in-game