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  1. So-long Eternal Lands

    I haven't been on these forums in months it seems. Sad to see this post, but I fully understand where you are coming from. Was happy to play with you up until my own departure over a year ago. Best of luck to you.
  2. Outhouses

    I am a huge fan of Dung Teleporters, but I have noticed one issue with the outhouses that are in the maps. The outhouses in the portals are able to be entered through 3 spaces. Essentially, you can walk 'through' the door to get into the outhouse and get onto the map. However, there is only one exiting space from the outhouses on the map. If someone is standing in that one space, you are stuck inside the outhouse. I have been taking teleport essences with me because it has happened to me several times, but I am curious if this could be altered to match the outhouses in the portals. Just a thought.
  3. Therm sold Mirror Greaves - 800kgc or items equaling that.
  4. Low level boss like monster

    We had something like this already. It was DPa before the last change. Terrible idea IMO. Didn't work then, won't work now. If anything, make a 40-60 Instance and let there be tutorial NPCs at each wave. Do not let the monsters spawn until the players activate it through the NPC (forcing them to read), or spawn them 8 minutes or so after the previous wave is killed. Just FYI, I would help write the NPC material.
  5. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Could you enable it but make an option in the settings to allow for screen rotation? Also, channel numbers would be awesome!
  6. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    I am not sure how hard it is to code this, but can you please allow the client to have screen rotation? I play on my tablet that has a keyboard attached but it's in landscape position all the time except when I play EL. Thanks.
  7. Expiring bots, November 2013

    CompanyMan is now owned by Varus/Truemen. I own Littlemy now.
  8. Varus MADr Scammers

    There is a song for this... Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River:
  9. Very dissapointed

    I did what I had to do. I did not move any profits from when we started last year until April. Your storage barely covered those earnings. Check your forum PMs. Don't thank me. An apology for smearing my name would be great.
  10. Very dissapointed

    I sent you a PM. Happy gaming with the character. Password is the same as we agreed originally.
  11. Very dissapointed

    I tried contacting you ingame for permission to post about our agreement, but you were not on. Due to my schedule crunch, I will waive the rights for you. First off, I do not appreciate some of the comments, emails, skype messages that I have been receiving. It is a true showing of who your friends really are and who aren't. Those concerned actually asked me, but those who didn't chastised me. I'll start from the beginning so people can stop their way off base gossip. As many know, I've tanked for many teams over the years. I've trained multiple characters of my own to do this, and have bought/sold characters for small profit over time. All the while, I kept to a small group of people that are/were loyal and respected me as I did them. Meow PM'd me one day ingame discussing a sharing agreement with the character, Mhysa. This was about a year ago and before the multi rule was repealed. She would allow me to use the character on weekends or special occasions to tank for the team I organized and have run for over a year now. Her benefit was that I could not receive the items I earned on Mhysa. I did not feel bad about not receiving payment for my time and expertise because I was having fun and helping others have fun in a difficult instance (to some..). (Just to ballpark, I probably made close to 2mgc profit on that character with WTF's alone after paying for resources/breaks) A couple of months ago she sent me a message on Skype saying that she was interested in selling the character and that she didn't have much time to play her. As of her situation at home, she never indulged me with that information. All I heard was second hand information, unless I am mistaken here... I told her that I would be willing to discuss terms of keeping the character until she wanted to play it again (how many times has she sold/bought this character?). After receiving a couple of offers off of the unofficial forums and ingame, she was convinced about selling. This is where the current situation leads to where I am now known as a "scammer". I discussed a rental/lease agreement with Meow. This was a decision that took a couple of days for her to accept and agree to. Our agreement was simple. Return the character after the allotted time in exact or similar condition. In return, I had full access of the character. I was able to change name, move pp, change appearance, etc. For her security, we agreed upon a password that I would use for the character. Now the explanation... Just like renting an apartment, car, house, etc., the landlord is able to check the property as long as it is in the agreement. I agreed to a partial checking by giving her the password that we agreed upon. However, I do not hear of many banks or lessors riding off in your car while you are asleep or coming into your house and taking a sh*t. Early on, we had an altercation about this. The altercation was about leveling the character and how she wanted to use it to train. I informed her that I am perfectly capable of training and doing dailies on the character, but I can't do them if you log on and do them for me. Essentially, the character is very close to 170 defense right now. I have been working hard on obtaining that goal by training in many ways... Then this past week happened. I logged on to find the character moved around again. Not only at this point have I invested close to 3mgc in this character, the items that are on the character now were not bought with the money that Cyrus (old Mhysa) had made. The only leverage I had on the character was the password. I changed the password and sent her a mercator that was very simple. It included Rules 4 and 10. Just like any contract in life, both sides must hold up their side of the contract to it's full extent. I have no intention of scamming or keeping the character. That is not who I am or who I ever will be. The fact that my integrity and my profession was brought into question is another story. After receiving many weird Skype messages, I uninstalled Skype on my phone until it was rectified. As far as e-mails, I don't see them (unless they are in spam, which is automatically emptied....) Just FYI, We were on a 6-month agreement with a monthly payment due on the beginning of each month. This just so happened right before July 1st, so I didn't send my recent payment. Until I can talk with her, I will keep the password as what it is. I am also emptying what storage it has onto another account. That will be payment enough for what I've already paid. I will release the password to her when she sees this message. I am not dealing in private on this one any longer. It seems that will just cause more headache than necessary.
  12. Very dissapointed

    You are not telling the entire story. This can be chalked up as whatever. For her privacy, I will leave the details off of the forums. She did ask for discretion in our original agreement. I am extremely busy in RL. Buying a house, etc.
  13. Server Crash

    Joe, Infect, Infected, Talon all were in a 120++ instance. There was a massive server grue (rankings page went down as well) that caused our instance to end and for Joe to lose a rosto. Not only were we only one wave into the instance, we paid scales/enters to get inside. We would love to receive tokens for the four of us and a rosto for Joe. I would assume we were not the only ones. There was an invasion going on at the same time as the EL server restarted/kicked the bucket/imitated Icarus, etc. As it is late in Romania, I would imagine you to be asleep at this hour. (You might be getting several of these messages from several people who died...)
  14. Kalisto17 acting rude

  15. I agree, but if people are going to continue to talk about it...
  16. Banners and Names

    Alt + N is what Burn means. Ctrl + N opens notes...
  17. I personally agree with this. Antisocial has always been free PP. If you add more consequences to the perk, it will be a detriment to the game. Option 1 OA 20 - 2 bonus PP OA 30 - 2 Bonus PP OA 40 - 2 Bonus PP OA 50 - 1 Bonus PP OA 60 - 1 Bonus PP OA 70 - 1 Bonus PP OA 80 - 1 Bonus PP I think this will encourage more players to level their characters. There are also other alternatives that I also see worthy of this. The EXP ratio has built in XP breaks. (You can refer to this: http://www.el-cel.com/info/experience.php ) Skip OA 10 because of the fact players start at level 9. The fact that they gain extra PP after their first OA level is achieved might be misleading Option 2 OA 20 - 2 Bonus PP OA 30 - 2 Bonus PP OA 40 - 2 Bonus PP OA 90 - 4 Bonus PP I personally would push Option 2. This will make the final goal give a large reward.
  18. Buying Vit/Inst Removals

    Instinct Removal 49kgc ea Vitality Removal 46kgc ea Infected Ingame (If I am not online, my bot is set up to buy them as well: CompanyMan south of MM storage)
  19. Invance, Pacific time?

    Count Me in (range/fight)
  20. Rule #5, multiplaying

    All questions I was debating on posting as well. Would love to see the answers on this.
  21. I personally agree with this. If the storage is out (and I assume it would be), give it the option to teleport you to a storage. Otherwise, it is close enough to just walk to MM storage.
  22. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Just curious when there will be another update..
  23. Buying 30 oranges