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  1. i cant play

    hi my account name is localhost. i dont play for a long time. i tried enter the game this morning but i didnt (nothing happens). i need help, how can i enter the game with my account (localhost).
  2. unbann plsss

    hi my account localhost i dont play for a long time. i tried to enter the game but i didnt. Entropy can u unbann my account? Cause i didnt make mistake for ban.
  3. cant connect

    I can't connect to el. I could yesterday i think i can't now because bows and arrows are out. Can someone tell me how to fix this. I also can't see the players online on the el home page if that helps I have a mac g4 I have also re-installed I live in PA [06:36:27] Connecting to Server... [06:36:58] Can't connect to server sad.gif [06:36:58] Press any key to try again. [06:36:58] Press Alt-x to close the game Now i just have a big blank screen. Then it turns into a big white screen.