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  1. IP BANNED?!

    Who can Unbanned my IP. Im read the rules.
  2. IP BANNED?!

    but i can't made new character im banned. :/ pls unnban me.
  3. IP BANNED?!

    Im read "Your IP is banned, That means that you, or someone from your IP did something very nasty, so we had to block IP adress, if you believe this ban was unjustified, or promise to rspect the rules from now on, please post in the Bans sections of our forums (on www.eternal-lands.com) UNBANN ME PLS
  4. IP BANNED?!

    HI. My account Action74 is banned help me pls.
  5. HI my IP and IP my brother has been banned please help me Action74 its my account Condon30 its my bro account.