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    Art,story writting,rp,and reading.Mostly fantasy
  1. Laggy

    Im lagging to the point that i cant even walk sometimes,before the crash i only had a little.
  2. Happy Rose Of Tralee!

    Well then happy early birthday Tuma Well, the basic idea of the festival is saying goodbye to the roses (welcomeing winter really), and with alot of myths in it and such. its really late for me to type out the whole history So if you're intrested, go here http://www.roseoftralee.ie/comersus/store/...e_the_story.asp Its long... but, hey, im part irish, and almost all of my friends are, and I reall ylike all those rennesaunce (I really cant spell ) festivals. its like... umm... I guess the thanksgiving parade? a parade, festivites,everyone is drinking and eating and basically having fun
  3. Kinda Scary

    I might be the guilty one ^^; I used to frequently log onto the forums, browse around,then go play and forget to log out.I realized that it might be a little weird to see a member on for maybe hours at a time, so I put down to make me amnomo..umm..amoymous...anyways, invisable.most of the time it is me, and i assure you i am not evil O:3
  4. Happy Rose Of Tralee!

    Just wanted to hope all you Ireish players enjoy the festival I dont know if its big in America though...
  5. AQ test for hardcore EL-players

    24 isnt that bad i guess :?
  6. The little things...

    how about like what they do in zelda? everyone who has played the ocarina of time knows what im tlaking about. in forests and such they just have little lights [fireflies? faries? who knows] bugs, ripples, fish everywhere. it makes you wonder how they can breathe o.o and its all really little, and low graphic, but really cool you dont have to do anything with them, but it would make the game look really cool
  7. Wow im banned

    Wow O.o if i knew it was bad I would have removed it...
  8. Wow im banned

    Why? Whats wrong with mine? *Hugs puppy*
  9. Wow im banned

    Maybe your ip belongs to one of the wide bans...?
  10. Maybe you could just make it a simple PK map for players. Give the characters that die a different look when they go down there, like zombieish or something?
  11. *sniffle* why......

    o.o; *hides* sorry,im not on the forums alot ^^;;
  12. *sniffle* why......

    But i was on just two days ago.....
  13. *sniffle* why......

    I downloaded the update, and when i got on,all my things were missing! It also treated me like a newbie, things popping up about how to do stuff. My levels were okay,but everythign i had is gone v.v is there a way to get it back or prevent this later on...?
  14. Who and what is your character?

    My char is a small, cursed elf. The curse only effects her looks, being she has furrey elfish ears,and a very small body. She has long black hair, and is a daughter of the leader of a gang of thieves, so naturally she has a sharp mouth ^^
  15. Battle at the Gates of White Stone -Prologue

    I think its great,not many stories can hold my extremly short attention span, but after your constant threats i read it and i like it