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  1. Illarion vs. EL

    Hehe, these comparisons are so pointless, you might as well compare Tekken to pro evolution soccer.
  2. A game with 100% RP

    It's a graphical rpg. Take a look at the site
  3. do YOU love RolePlaying

    pm me on the ilarion forum, if your still stuck. Player name-Thalodos
  4. Reunion!

    Lol, thanks.. but i doubt i'll join the game again let alone the rangers. But thanks.. and nice to hear from you guys again, email me the date of the next reunoin and i'll try to attend.
  5. Reunion!

    Hello people, Shame i missed it, would have been interesting. How you all doing? ~Thalos~ Here's an old image i found.
  6. What do you....

    i hate how long it takes to lvl all the time and .. n00bs, most of dem' are annoying
  7. The Future Of The Rangers.

    This really isn't important guys, who cares who's guild was second or first or 1400th.
  8. The Future Of The Rangers.

    The Rangers were officially announced as 'The Rangers' on the 10th august 2003. Before that we were none as the 'Wyvern Rangers' and before that 'The Archers of Treetown'. We appeared shortly after the SaS, which later disbanded. Since then the Rangers has pathed the way for other guilds.
  9. do u liek black sabbath?

    Are you from somewhere near Winchester or Southampton sam? I hate that word.. townie *shudders*.
  10. do u liek black sabbath?

    Lol, i doubt you will ever convince me, as i will never convince you. However, music is just music and the truth is it's not that important. Later. Kayne west rules!
  11. do u liek black sabbath?

    That a common misconception most people like yourself have about urban music. The truth is it's not all about bling and swearing. Try listening to Kayne West (he rules!), NAS (some of his chunes), N.E.R.D, Dizzee rascal, jay-z, The streets, coolio, some of the early eminem stuff and many others. Eminem's name is formulated from his initials Marshall Mathers= M&M =Eminem. He is also one of the most creative rappers around. Btw Limp bizkit are nothing to do with urban music. They are just some annoying lil' wigga's who are more greebo then gansta. And the group that teamed up with aerosmith to do walk this way was Run DMC. Ok, disagree with me on that Then answer this: You say rap is for dumbasses, what about your music which appears to be about satanism and loads of crazy fucked up shit like that.
  12. do u liek black sabbath?

    Double-post sorry.
  13. do u liek black sabbath?

    Explain how listening to rap makes you a dumbass, killer?
  14. do u liek black sabbath?

    lol we could argue the same points all day,let's just settle this. You greebo's/goth etc.. like your rock music. Us normal/rudeboy/cool people like r&b, garage, hip-hop and maybe house.. end of.
  15. do u liek black sabbath?

    lol, no i'm as straight as a ruler killer. Black sabbath and other gothy, greebo bands are shite, pure and simple. Angst, whiny music doesn't cut it for me, that's all. I mean you can't really sit back with a few girls and a couple of bottles of beer with some dickhead screaming on the stereo. is just isn't cool.
  16. do u liek black sabbath?

    i'm just not a fan of heavy metal, rock or goth music, therefore black sabbath would come under the catergory of 'shit' for me
  17. do u liek black sabbath?

    where's the "no, they are shit!" Option?
  18. Rangers bo'bo's

    log onto www.freewebs.com and in the top right-hand corner there is a log on box. Username: Password:
  19. Rangers bo'bo's

    I've had some diffulty logging onto our site host lately, anything you think should be changed, pm me and i'll tell you if you can change it or not. PLease feel free to correct any typo's or errors on the site. @jjk you are currently set as a forest ranger due to some technical diffulties working out ranks etc. as soon as i implement a few new pathways, you will return to your normal rank on the site.
  20. Meep!!!

    hehe, that's the point btw nice armour gobs
  21. Meep!!!

    *cough splutter* erm.. did i just here you right? I'm 'advertising' a game? you are having a laugh? if you had cared to look up, the subject had long since veered off into something else. I was simply informing kl about a good game. Please interrupt only when asked, thanks.
  22. Meep!!!

    try final fantasy 11, the god of games.
  23. hmmm.. i've seen some pretty rich newbs about, i doubt money is an issue to most guilds
  24. A small point you guys seem to have overlooked. You own guilds. Therefore it would be pretty stupid to have you as a 'guild mod'.
  25. lol. ur too new. someone who is more experienced, like moonie or someone.