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  1. Mini Harv Events

    Piojosnos completely voiced my thoughts, I have nothing more to add. Maybe it'll end up a good addition, maybe it let Entropy achieve his goals. Maybe the world adapts to that and it'll all end up good. I've really appreciated the possiblilty to do some other things while harvesting or to chat with my guildies and friedns at my leasure. I've ended up as one of the most dedicated afkers (those who know me can confirm ). For now the change is a mayor pain in the behind for me, but if it'll really manage to achieve what it's meant to it's not too high price to pay.
  2. Alchemy Supply [v2]

    Cancel my order please, it's taking way to long...
  3. Alchemy Shop: Oh my God again?

    4k water essences please.
  4. Flee Bug

    This bug is much much older... maybe since the beggining even. Here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16972 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29758 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6282 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5539 It was reported many times, but apparently it's still here- maybe because it probably can't be reproduced in an easy and reliable way. I'll let myself copy one of my post from the earlier threads (dated Nov 4 2007, 10:11 AM): Yes, I experienced this bug as well. It never happens during training with monsters, but very often at pvp. The "flee curse" usually strucks one person, the other has no problems with fleeing. Having 30+ "you failed to flee" messages is nothing special, it happens to me as well. The problem is when you try to flee (both home button and clicking away) and NOTHING happens - no messages, no change in animation (normally when you try to flee your character "freezes" and stops attacking) - and you can't flee at all. For me casting heal (not restore) seems to help - sometimes a few tries are needed. When the partner starts to flee the flee messages usually start to appear and the animation shows up as well. It appears that when unaffected partner is trying to flee as well the server starts to record flee attepts for both people, but if a "cursed" person is the only one trying to flee it doesn't.
  5. Selling 50k Toads

  6. Guess the Anime

  7. Guess the Anime

    Ok, something easy from me:
  8. Guess the Anime

    Ayumu: Vampire Princess Miyu
  9. Yes, it would definitely save us a lot of mindless clicking (especially for items with higher number of ingredients). It would make storage mixing easier, but in the same way as "mix all" does in my oppinion - and it was implemented after all. I'd really like to see it implemented, if it wouldn't require too much coding and/or wouldn't spawn some additional problems (like making macroing less detectable for example). For now I'm just bagmixing at sto and it works well...unless the grue decides he needs a snack
  10. Bot marketplaces

    It's true that some bots are located in strategical places and moving them would defeat their purpose (Agneum and Iduna come to my mind). Some bots are at a places where they pose no problems, and a lot of bots in one place mean price war and/or price collusions. On the other hand, some places are really overcrowded with NC storage - exit to WS being the worst. I'd suggest a limit of bots in a certain radius (like Cruella suggested) AND creating a few (1-2 per continent) marketplaces for bot owners who don't mind other bots company - in convenient places.
  11. Computer requirements

    For 1.7.0. version my old Gf2Mx video card was enough (no idea if something changed, as I've changed my comp) - so system requirements are really low. If you have problems with EL I think it would be easier to tell us what do you have (video card especially) and what's your problem exactly. We'll try to help. In the meantime I'd check THIS post on how to update your video drivers, unless your card is really really old or not supported by EL it usually helps.
  12. I'm glad you've managed to sort things out. Have fun BTW: it may be quite a good thread for other people with EL problems
  13. Did nothing changed in your error log after you changed the #data_dir? You may also check if your video drivers are up to date, and/or try enabling poor man in options (details tab under 1.8 version, might be in video tab for the standard one). For some people renaming "shaders" folder in the main EL folder used to help, no idea if it's still a valid suggestion.
  14. Hmmm...looks like the #data_dir is set wrong, open your el.ini (/my documents/eternal lands/main/) then find: #data_dir = and make sure it points to the place you've installed the game. (I'm assuming you're using Windows). In case that was correct make sure nothing blocks EL client (like your firewall for example)
  15. Great idea, really! And I like Cruella's tweak. I think it would be nice for that rock to have quite high chance of finding (1/500-1/1000 for example?) but not too high chance of actually getting something valuable out of it (to give harvesters some fun but not to make rare stones overflood). Those stones can contain rare stones - bindings, serps, enrichments, rostos, wolfram/hydro ores, but some of the less valuable things as well - any kind of crystal or ore, silver/gold rings, coal - or they can become just a piece of useless rock. @Zami gimme!