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    Nederland Problemen mee? dan val maar lekker kapot!
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    Uhm... Good music, Nice woman and a healthy Chat!
  1. Languages NOT working

    that was me.... forgot 2 log in
  2. Languages NOT working

    i though i replied..... strangely it wasnt Added or something i wanna test the translations... how can i fix my client so i can try? *note: im not a programmer* Edit: great and now i posted a second reply it did add BOTH..... owh well sorry for the double posts
  3. Languages NOT working

    Wytter can you fix my client then or gimme a working client so i can TEST the translations? im not only working on the ency im also working on the scrypts and stuff..... (the mouse over help things and such)
  4. Languages NOT working

    ill wait for a bugfix before i continue..
  5. Languages NOT working

    and how do i apply that? so i can finally get the languages working? im not a compiler i must add!
  6. Languages NOT working

    well it isnt working here... if i make a small alteration 2 the English language it doesnt even work!
  7. Languages NOT working

    maybe they don't work under windows? sorry kinda late reaction but translating is kinda useless if i cant even use it myself....
  8. Languages NOT working

    platyna... im not a retard..... i changed EN in el.ini to NL then i copied the EN directory renamed it to NL and started editing..... it DOESNT work!
  9. Languages NOT working

    im working on a dutch translation for the encyclopedia and String files.... i finished translating the stringfiles to dutch and started on the encyclopedia this morning but when i assing it it doesnt apply.... ill try typing the whole Directory into EL.ini but i dont think that will work... ***EDIT*** punched in the whole path to the language directory.. didnt work either.... ***EDIT END***
  10. More Small Gargs Spawns?

    they are empty..... BUT you kill one... and have 2 wait 3 minutes for a respawn.. and meds and large gargs kill me.... so 2 slow training!
  11. More Small Gargs Spawns?

    Well, I'm not a super supporter of it, as I believe that increasing one garg spawn, all should be increased. Maybe small garg spawns were made smaller because small gargs can indeed drop some decent items? Not to mention they're weak -- I kill them in one punch. uhm... there are TWICE as many Big and Med gargs spawns then there are Small spawns
  12. More Small Gargs Spawns?

    Finally some people agree with me 9-1 on more spawns hope they get ingame though!
  13. Test Server Ghost Character Bug

    it's JUST the test server.....
  14. just a simple Poll... i kinda want 2 see more small garg spawns... as far as i know there are 3 in total.... while meds and large have about 6-8 EACH
  15. Summoning Bot?

    hmmm i don't like this idea... just another ANNOYING ASS BOT trying 2 steal your bag before you can even walk on it..... i had an ant once that jumped my bag from the rat i killed before i could even walk onto it :S it's that i can't say or do anything againts those ants... or they would be long gone by now... anyways... plz no more bag collecting and/or wandering bots... they suck.. and they annoy!