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  1. tar file

    Hello, can somebody please provide a download for the linux files? The "installer" just crashes without any way to debug it. Regards Henry
  2. tar file

    Worked great. I think I already gave all the information there is. The installer is not verbose enough and just dies telling me that a subprocess died.
  3. Kalisto17 acting rude

    Nothing special realy. Just rude behaviour and a bad attitude. [19:10:44] Kalisto17: can I bring you gc with my main in a secf ? [19:11:05] lord_henry: lol [19:11:35] Kalisto17: what ? [19:11:43] lord_henry: It is 100gc you can get this by selling fruit in no time. Even as an uber noob with no gear. [19:12:57] [PM from Kalisto17: byach, I am antisocial, and I am too pro to talk with your noobless] [19:13:48] [PM to Kalisto17: You watch your tongue or I report you for your antisocial behaviour.] [19:14:09] [PM from Kalisto17: do it ] [19:14:16] [PM from Kalisto17: and go kill yourself] [19:17:42] [PM to Kalisto17: Why are you saying this? You are saying if I report you that you will have me killed?] [19:18:04] [PM to Kalisto17: What kind of threat is this? Against my person or my character?] [19:18:16] [PM from Kalisto17: like I use drugs and alcohol] [19:18:37] [PM from Kalisto17: thats all folks] [19:19:24] [PM to Kalisto17: No idea what you are saying. I report you so that you will be known in case something else pops up. Since you obviously don't want to talk this out.] [19:20:06] [PM from Kalisto17: man] [19:20:13] [PM from Kalisto17: what u report ? my PMs ?] [19:23:29] [PM from Kalisto17: because you know.. its illegal to give other ppl PMs on public view] [19:30:27] [PM to Kalisto17: Putting you on ignore from now on. If you had been friendly I would have given you the dung for free.] [19:31:11] [PM from Kalisto17: I am friendly] [19:31:14] [PM from Kalisto17: and honest] [19:31:38] [PM from Kalisto17: satan made me to do this] [19:31:58] [PM from Kalisto17: I am good boi] [19:32:20] [PM to Kalisto17: This goes on the forums. Have a good one buddy.] [19:32:59] [PM from Kalisto17: oh no what have I done ?] [19:33:04] [PM from Kalisto17: ppl wil hate me] [19:33:07] [PM from Kalisto17: and Pk me] [19:33:27] [PM from Kalisto17: niggaz will steal my bike]
  4. GlPortal

    Hello, this is what I am working on when I am sitting in Tarsengaard at the outhouse. Check it out at http://glportal.de . Regards Henry
  5. Buying puma fur

    Hello, I want to buy puma fur. Feel free to contact me about other furs and skins. I am buying all kinds of that stuff. Regards Henry
  6. Great archivement

    Hello, I have been an Eternal-Lands-player for quite some time now, and I have to tell you how much I enjoy playing your game. From the graphics (nice grass textures in the latest update btw.) to the mechanics to other clever stuff (I loved bows and arrows when it was first introduced) even the story that is realy full of fantasy. You invest much effort to create an awesome game that is fun for thousands of people and I want to thank you for that. (The new Website design looks great.)
  7. Unicorn Medallion

    Hello everbody, Selling Unicorn Medallions for 190gc each. PM me in game or forums. Greetings, Lord
  8. Hello, I could not find anything about this on clusty or the forums. How can I import and export e3d cal3d objects with Blender? I downloaded some scripts which did not do the job. Most information I found was dated back 2004 and did not help me much. Thanks, Lord
  9. Import and Export e3d cal3d objects with Blender

    Sure I know not to just come up with random stuff. I wanted to get more familiar with the formats, cal3d and animation before I know if I can do something. blender 242 is in my distribution and it will be updated when my distribution is.
  10. Import and Export e3d cal3d objects with Blender

    I keep getting script errors like: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 499, in select_load_el3d File "<string>", line 441, in load_el3d TypeError: extend() takes no keyword arguments This maybe because I have version 242 of Blender while the script is written for 243. Is there maybe an old version of the script for my version of blender? Greatings, Lord
  11. Import and Export e3d cal3d objects with Blender

    >We have .e3d importer & exporter, and a cal3d exporter. What are your plans with them? Testing/Playing. No idea if it will result in anything usefull for the game.
  12. Java game in the works

    Sounds more like you have an idea and want somebody else to do the work. Good luck anyhow.
  13. selling a lot of silver

    Hello everybody, Edit: I like to sell 100k Silver. PM me in forum or in game Edit: I am almost out of Silver now. Maybe I can sell you 1 to 10k still. Have a nice day, Lord
  14. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    Sorry, I somehow forgot this part of the rules. Thank you for the reminder.
  15. Titanium Short Construction

    Hello, I have 2 Books of Titanium Short Construction cheap to sell. Send me a message in Game or in Forums with a price-offer. Greetings, Lord
  16. Titanium Short Construction

    Sold some in NC already. Thought this thread might work, too.
  17. Special Days

    I like and support this suggestion.
  18. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    Hello, In Hidden Mines of Mynadar - votd inside second cave are some textures missing: - 57, 91 - 62, 85 Both at the stairs. Greetings, Lord [FIXED]
  19. Isla Prima Ring Building

    Hello, I am selling Book of Isla Prima Ring Building cheap. Contact me in game or forum with a price offer. Greetings, Lord
  20. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    Hello, There seems to be a map bug at Hidden Mines of Mynadar - votd inside second cave coords 54, 271 -floor tile shows a black triangle where there should be a Texture Greetings, Lord [FIXED]
  21. Drop reservations

    Hello everybody, When killing critters they drop some stuff. And instead of selling them all for nothing to the NPC I thought you may want to buy some of them before they are gone. Reserving something will not mean you will 100% get it. Only if I get the drop and can contact you before my storage gets way too full you may obtain the Item. Prices are discustable: Enhanced Wooden Shield 150gc Unicorn Medallion 190gc Wooden Staff 190gc Wooden Battle Hammer 150gc Ring of Valley of the Dwarves 85gc Iron Sword 250gc Pickaxe 36gc Iron Helm 250gc Please make an offer for the price of a book. Books: Book of Titanium Molding Book of Titanium Mining Book of Titanium Smelting Book of Iron Axe Construction Book of Steel Axe Construction Book of Potion of Manufacturing Titanium Short Construction Isla Prima Ring Building Greatings, lord
  22. Augumented Leather Armor and Pants

    Hello, You want to be owner of one of the most usefull armors there is contact me in game or in forums. I´d love to make a deal with you. Greetings, Lord
  23. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    Hello, I know there is a Magic school in Arius. So did one of the pupils make the pears fly or is this a map bug? Arius City at coords 110, 175 Greetings [FIXED]
  24. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    Hello, At coords 58,319 in Arius Magic School Garden I can stand in a rock. Greetings [FIXED]
  25. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    Hello there, I hope this is usefull data. Haven´t found it in any other Thread. When I am at Arius Mines at coords 253, 244 I am floating in the air. Tried it out several times and I kept floating at these coords. EDIT: Had somebody else try it, he floats at this coords, too. Greetings