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  1. Apology

    Hi My ip has been banne for about 2 months now and I am really missing playingf eternal lands you see Me and my friend thought it would be funny if we harrased people It was untill we got banned I really regret it and If given another chance would never do it agian . Well I doubt I am going to get unbanned So Here Is my apology To Sheesh I am sorry For giving you a hard time With the account me and my freind made "poorblacky" and Saying all those horrible things to you and I also apologize For annoying people When I was playing . Thanx for making such a great game I enjoyed it well I had the opportunity to Thanx Simondifab

    Please I was on with my freind harrassing people and now I miss the game so much I havent been on for 1 month Please Can u unban Me I promise I will never break the rules agian I Should of never in the first place please I am on my knees
  3. My Ip is banned

    Hi I belive someone went on my computer and got my ip banned from el (My older brother) I am to belive he was harrasing people and I am very sorry for his actoins And Can I get my ip unbanend I realy enjoy the game and you can ask some people About me and will find That I am a nice person and would not harras people So please can U attend to this quite quickly thanx Simondifab
  4. My eternal lands isnt working

    Hi When I open eternal lands on one of my computers It comes up really large and into the corner and I cant movei it and it becomes non resopensive and freezes and Then takes a while to close And just wondering wat to do I really need help. Simon difab
  5. Hi My Ip Has been banned

    Hi my IP has been banned and im not completly sure why cause I have been away for a while and when I got back my Ip was banned of Eternal Lands If some1 could repl telling Me What this means and how to fix It That would make me very happy thanx.... Simondifab