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  1. Auction 10k HEs

    10k Health Essences to go. start: 85k bid: 1k bin: 95k Auction ends tomorrow 9AM (GMT + 1) ty
  2. calc bug

    NVM, my bad
  3. calc bug

    hi, #calc 2+2*2 gives 6. No CVS client, just regular 1.9.0
  4. Korrode's Combat Guides

    It depends of training style. I can say, that attributes from this guide works for me with a little bit higher coord, and after 48 coord with reas + inst. The reason is i always look for double spawns. It has advantage that u dont have to switch so often aluven-mortos, have more drops and even better exp if u calculate dmg per hit.
  5. Harvesting/Mixing Service

    I would like to order 1.8k BQ, 1.7k Q and 1.5k RQ thanks :>
  6. selling 100 newbie training sets

    selling: 90 iron helms - 190gc ea 90 aug armor - 190gc ea 90 aug pants - 100gc ea 100 leather boots - 80gc ea or offer price for all
  7. 50k silver auction

    Auction is over . Thank you.
  8. 50k silver auction

    50k silver ore auction start 2gc ea bid 3gc ea auction ends 9-1-2010, 12pm gmt + 1 ty
  9. Auction : 150 S2E - Ends on 11-10-09

    137k ^^
  10. small sto cleaning

    update ^^
  11. small sto cleaning

    waiting for offers for: 48 ale 865 vegetables 3666 tree mushrooms 2650 nightshade 6 gold bars 20 titanium bars 618 ring molds 51 gemstone hammer & chisel 201 leather gloves 25 magic arrows 10 magic bolts 10 potions of great healing 7 potions of wildness 23 potions of reasoning 10 potions of will 6 potions of extra mana 43 feran horns 34 deer furs 13 puma furs
  12. 50k iron ore auction

  13. tit set and some others

    selling: tit set without helm 1 cutty 1 emerald claymore 4 efes 15 wolfram ores 2 wolfram bars 1 alembic waiting for offers here or in game (same nick)
  14. Depletable Resources Poll

    I would try it first on test serv or something. The idea seems to be more interesting then mini events.
  15. About TSP changes

    It was only an example, but if black panther is not good there is also leopard fur that is usless now or maybe fox fur used to newbie manu staff. I don't think that newbie earn more money because rabbit furs will be more needed. Most of them kill rabbits to get exp and quickly go to harder creatures.