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  1. serdia map issue

    can't quite decide which topic this belongs under, but the serdia map in my game seems to have been replaced by one of the font image files (one of the fancier scripts, can't tell which one). the serdia bmp is still in the maps folder. i've been playing around with the screen resolution and font selections in game since i have a new (way bigger) monitor. not sure if that could have something to do with it. it's not a big deal, just annoying. if anybody can tell me how to fix it, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks~ ~minuet
  2. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    new order: 2k Blue Quartz - 2.4kgc 3k Wormwood - 4.5kgc 4k Toadstool - 4.8kgc total - 11.7kgc
  3. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    great servcice. new order: 2k Blue Quartz - 2.4kgc 3k Wormwood - 4.5kgc 4k Toadstool - 4.8kgc total - 11.7kgc
  4. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    I'll take 1k of each Quartz - 3.6kgc 1k Silver - 2.5kgc 1k Gold - 2.5gc 5k Toadstools - 6kgc 5k Wormwood - 7.5kgc total 22.1kgc (: minuet in game. thanks.
  5. Disconnected and can't log back in

    i'm having the same problem myself. can't log in to the test server either, and reinstalling didn't help. i'll just keep trying (:
  6. little harv. shop

    if you're still taking orders, i'll take 2k of each: iron silver sulphur all 3 quartz and coal (: if i'm not mistaken, that would be 29k gc?
  7. Harvesting for you :)

    7k coal, please
  8. not receiving harvesting points

    i was having map issues so i reinstalled the game and since then i haven't been able to receive harvesting points for some reason. i've been logged on for extended periods of time for the last few days just sitting in the library, so it's not that i'm just missing the new harv hour. any ideas? thanks~ *ok i lied. i'm getting the points and just don't get to see the numbers floating up from my chest like usual (:
  9. not receiving harvesting points

    it wasn't meant to be gender specific (:
  10. not receiving harvesting points

    i feel silly. thanks guys (:
  11. serdia map issue

    reinstalling didn't work. lots of other things didn't work either. bleh.
  12. serdia map issue

    was trying to avoid that, but ok (: thanks.
  13. Few Odds and Ends Lying around

    quartz prices?
  14. Day of Joule

    pehaps it will be a day of cold, and we'll all need to wear our furs to keep warm (: