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  1. New windows client for people that have problems

    Works great for me too, tyvm
  2. New windows client for people that have problems

    Same... no response at all. Just clean console for less than 1 sec, than.. nothing. Time to bed, i hope you'll find solution till tomorrow. Good luck and good night
  3. New windows client for people that have problems

    Not starting at all, same as official client. XP Home SP2, A64, 1GB ram, NV 6600, updated drivers.
  4. No Starting

    Same here. New folder, clean installation, cpu usage 0%, new client not starting at all. XP Home SP2, A64, Nvidia 6600, 1GB ram
  5. selling

    150gc each
  6. How old are you?

    29 here
  7. leriamĀ“s shop

    ill take all steel bars +1k iron bars, paying cash only.
  8. Bot name: Luxe Owner: Pillgrim Any other contacts: none Purpose of this bot: Trade
  9. How MUch Can i Get? o0

    Ill buy all 1,2k each
  10. Harvest Medallion statistics

    I still have my first med. Total: 11056 harv exp bless (2 blesses) 9670 gold (lot of bags) 1 broken pick 2 broken leather gloves harvested about 30k of flowers, 5k silver, 3k sulfur so far
  11. 2cute2 is selling...

    Hi, when you're back ill like to order as much steel bars as you are able to make paying 42 each to motivate you ^^
  12. 2cute2 is selling...

    Hi, if another order can be added: As much steel bars as you can, up to 15k of them Pillgrim
  13. as many steel bars as you want for 44 each

    10k for me thanks
  14. Looking for steel bars

    Greetings alchemists, I'm looking to buy up to 10k of steel bars. Paying 41gc each, also can pay with some armors/weapons if you wish. Please post your offers here, or PM me ingame. (Preferably 1k+ amounts)
  15. New weapons and Armours

    Eagle Wing of Extra Damage - 8% chance to make extra 20 dmg Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana - +30 (or 20, im not sure) to HP and Mana points so we know all swords, and almost all armors (tit helm left to discover?)
  16. Eagle Wing of Extra Damage

    Greetings Another special sword for sale from Pill's Manufacture Eagle Wing of Extra Damage like normal Eagle wing, but with 8% chance to make extra 20 dmg stats of normal EW: dmg 10-35, +6 def, +5 accuracy, +5 crit to hit, +5 crit to damage. PM me offers ingame or here. PS. Its NOT an auction (yet ), ill choose best offer.
  17. Rapier of Death - auction

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, Unique weapon in EL world is for sale :Rapier of Death its like normal rapier, but with the small chance to make extra 150 dmg. There's only 1 such weapon in EL Starting bid is 400k (as such offer was received ingame) i accept gc and some items: steel bars @ 39 each, EFEs @3k each hydro bars @ 8,5k each wolfram bars @7k each binding stones @6,5k each NMT capes @ 110k s2es @ 500 each Auction will be finished sunday 11 PM GMT. Post your offers here or via PM ingame
  18. Rapier of Death - auction

    Auction finished, sold for 500k to highest bidder.
  19. Tradebot owners read this *now*

    Same here, tried to trick Luxe about 1 hour ago, luckily not succesful Didn't responded to my question "can i help with bot trading"
  20. Rapier of Death - auction

    Current top offer: 500kgc (received ingame from anonymous bidder)
  21. When i hit someone/something with Rapier of Death for 150 dmg, i receive text "xxx was hit with the bone of death for 150 extra damage" I guess its not correct.
  22. List of Trade Bots

    Luxe owner: Pillgrim location: Nordcarn [75,161] (by the bridge) -sells: high end armors, swords, crowns, sometimes stones and enriched essences -buys: rare ores/bars, enriched essences, stones Activation command: /Luxe help Buy command: /luxe buy <number> <itemname> (ex. /luxe buy 1 col)
  23. Luxe- owner change

    Greetings, I've been given a bot Luxe by LuciferX, and I ask to change the name of the owner in Bot Registration page. Thanks.
  24. Contest discussion

    Is it a mistake with 5 HUMAN nexus needed? Animal nex not needed?
  25. Book of Iron Plate Construction

    I'm pleased to hear it Thanks Bear