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  1. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    It is the same. For example wearing pickaxe lowers your defense skill by 5, wearing cutlass gives you +2 def skill. Greaves can give you +5 def with each proc of their "special ability" (and yes, highest def reached with use of greaves afaik was 178 yet, dunno if getting higher is possible, or if its limited to that value) #arm just shows you the modifiers of your skills
  2. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    Anonymous bid of 815kgc
  3. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    800kgc anonymous bid
  4. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    auction will end in 24 hours from this post (clarification: auction ends Friday, 4 PM GMT) top bidder now: Lothar with 770kgc
  5. Trade sanctions for Gyp Bots

    Thread of the month so far. Thx PS. Hiring slaves for a very hard work. Paying1 fruit per hour.
  6. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    updated: lowered buy-now price to 1,2 mill gc, and added ending time for auction.
  7. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    anonymous bid of 750k
  8. Discuss/poll about resource blocking

    Sooo... if u consider that bag is a resource, then sitting on your own bag is blocking resources too, right? And u should move and let someone else to use it when asked?
  9. Titanium Shield of Life Drain

    Selling freshly made Titanium Shield of Life Drain. Starting from ingame offer of 300k buy now price 369k (can trade for thermal serp too, or shield+20k for NMT) post here, PM here or pm me ingame - Sheitan hf&gl
  10. Titanium Shield of Life Drain

    sold, close please.
  11. Buying binding stones

    Hello, im looking for all binding stones in EL can buy up to 50 of them. PM me here to agree on price (or PM ingame - Sheitan) Thx
  12. Cutlass of the Mage

  13. KMart

    2k thread pls Sheitan ingame
  14. Quote of the week submissions

    From bans section Gotta love'em
  15. The HONOR guild sale

    340k offer for 10k iron bars
  16. Selling 15 Wolf Bars

    155k for them (Sheitan ingame)
  17. Selling Steels bars, Essences, COL

    Ill buy steel bars Ingame Sheitan
  18. selling more stuff :)

    Ill take mercury. Ingame Sheitan
  19. Buying And selling

    Ill buy steel bars, ingame Sheitan
  20. Selling St00f

    Ill take steel bars
  21. Ye Olde Alchemist's Booth

    1k iron bars and 1k steel bars pls ingame Sheitan
  22. Sell: 5k Steel Bars @ 48gc per

    Ill buy ingame Sheitan
  23. The artificer cape

    Miria pays 205k btw
  24. selling steel bars

    yup, Sheitan ingame tyvm
  25. Buying Vitality removal stones

    Hello, as in topic I need some VIT removal stones. Post here or PM me ingame (Sheitan) if you have any for sale.