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  1. Bagjumbed by tomorrow

    Considering what FURY stands for, try a little reverse psychology. "If you give me my stuff back, I'll post on the forum that, you are the meanest person around, and I'll complain to Erstad etc... If you don't give it back, I'll keep quiet."
  2. Skeptic Perk

    Took it and enjoying the freedom. And if the price would ever go up - I would take it again. Hate astrology in RL, and want nothing to do with it in a game. The threat of $500 for charity doesn't bother me at all.
  3. astrology

    sorry for hi-jacking this thread (I'm too much the grey man to start one of my own). It's nice to see the Skeptic perk has been introduced. I was just wondering if it is going to be a positive perk or a negative perk. (30Kgc well spent)...
  4. Day Jobs

    Ethical Hacker (for a very large telco) - I check for security vulnerabilities on our internal computer network, and try to get the owners to fix them.
  5. The Cadaver Calculater

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $3775! I blame the beer
  6. What was your first guild?

    I was in CoB for 11 months, now I'm in ~LE~
  7. The First Annual High Society Gala!

    Sounds like fun. I shall attend, depending on the time... - eek
  8. How old are you?

    35teen I'm trying to hang on to my teenage years I thought I was old when I looked at the photos thread. Glad to see I'm not.
  9. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    I was messing around with the global filter file, and set it so that when my name was mentioned, something inappropriate was written instead. I was already in the game, but I was still a little upset when nothing happened (I didn't know that the game had to be restarted). Until the next day, when the first person who spoke to me said "Hey. Wan*er" I gave them a lot of abuse back. Then I realised it was because of the filter file. So I quickly quit the game, and replaced the global filter file with the backed up version, and logged back in (because I thought every one could see Wan*er instead of my name). I further realised after apologising to the person who I thought was swearing at me, that it was only me who saw these obscenities anyway...
  10. way2kewl4u does not know how to "upgrade" armor

    I can upgrade SERPs to Iron swords, if that helps . Thanks for the Entertainment.