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  1. at a public access spot

    according to the white list rules i need a internet service provider email address. I dont have a internet service provider thats why im at a public access spot. is this a hard and fast rule, and on what day does aislinn do whitelisting.
  2. at a public access spot

    my ign is jarwolf im at a public access spot and tried to log in and got a message my ip has been banned what can i do about this.
  3. Did you know?

    gwar will rule you all we came we saw we kicked you ass
  4. OPEN gl problems

    OK heres my situation dont have much money so i scrap togther computers its fun and a challenge. i have no formal computer education. just learned what i could as i went along. defination of problem: two things. first i have a radeon 7000 video card that i was told supported open gl. now el says it dosent and i have discoverd in my searches that somtimes "downloaded" drivers dont have the open gl script so first question is does it should. in truth the only way i know this is a radeon 7000 is the device manger says it is there are no markings on it. second i can still get to the el log in screen enter my name and password and then it seems to freeze my mouse go from pointer to man and changes/reacts as if i were in the game screen. ok info time os is win xp pro processor is amd athlon 1.4 ghz ram is 768 mb video (i think) radeon 7000/radeon ve family (microsoft corporation) as it reads in device manager error log: sorry its long but its the last and shortest entry Log started at 2006-05-30 07:00:45 Error: Can't open file "./textures/fontv.bmp" Error: Can't open file "quest.log" Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com Error: Can't open file "commands.lst" Error: Can't open file "./particles/moon_bubbles1.part" Error: Can't open file "./particles/moon_bubbles1.part" Error: Can't open file "./particles/moon_bubbles1.part" Error: Can't open file "./particles/moon_bubbles1.part" Warning: computing inverse of singular matrix ...repeated ad nauseum Warning: computing inverse of singular matrix Client closed ok i think thats it hoping for some answers jarwolf Edit: removed the "ad nauseum"
  5. Drivers for ATI card

    ok i should probably keep my mouth shut but it hasent ben said yet so here goes open the in game control window and under the advaced video tab theres a ati bug fix box you can check have you tried this.
  6. strechted out 3d rendering

    ok have latest direct x but card only works with version 8 not 9. got the best chip drivers and card driver there are and still messed up rendering as well as my mouse dosent work. i am not one to beg but i have tatsed higher fps if anyone out has card that works with el and is willing to send it to me i would be forever in debt. if anyone has solution i would be forever in debt thanks to all for your help for now i will have to step back. and play the old way no card thanks jarwolf. ps i live in phoenix az usa email me at jarwolf12@hotmail.com if you have card or other help thanks again.
  7. strechted out 3d rendering

    ok didnte think of the direct x download any one else got an idea. i am now downloading the latest direct x.
  8. strechted out 3d rendering

    i got no money im a poor man. need help with what i got.
  9. strechted out 3d rendering

    ok here is my situation. i get old computers and rework them and donate them to peole. i keep what i want of course. so i finally got a 3d graphics card its not state of the art but it seems to help. it is a 3d blaster savage4 made by creative labs. my problem when playing el the 3d images trees rocks and even the pathways are distorted my charecter if fine and some bushs are fine. what i mean by distorted tree limbs will be 2d and stretch realy long rocks are "broken" missing peices. i ve tried to reasrch the problem and found things talking about suporting open gl and or direct x. if you can help please do i know hard ware and some software but not near as much as i want to. thanks jarwolf
  10. Ram?

    ok not sure were to ask this so i will start here. how does one find out about ones ram such as is it sdram or some other kind? whats the mhz and does the mhz come in to play? do i need to know some thing about how many "pin" it is. if you can help educate me in this field of computers and computer lingo i would be grateful. thanks.
  11. closes my el window

    well not realy but its stopped now messed around with numbers in el file
  12. closes my el window

    when i going from nord to wsc or back my el window keeps closing and i have to log on again this is my error log: Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/fontv.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle5.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle6.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle7.bmp not sure if this is a bug or not thought i would start it here ok now its doing it all the time my el window just closes know messages no nothing can any one help
  13. jarlaxsle theif

    ok so i over reacted he did have to leave and today hes back with my stuff going to meet him now sorry to him and all who know him.
  14. jarlaxsle theif

    sounds fair enough
  15. jarlaxsle theif

    jarlaxsle stole my stuff jumped my bag asked me if it was mine, i admit he tried to trade but i was over loeded because i just finshed minning, then he logged out with my stuff. 76 some mstter essence, 3 empty vials, 3 mana potions, pickaxe, food stuffs, etc. i just want all to know not to trust him.