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    Sprechen deutsh,Lernen und tanzen <wszystkie rpawda zastrzezone
  1. Polska - Poland

    OMG spam^^
  2. New Medallions

    Almost As for the seridium, the current plans are to use it only for the crafters, but that might change in the future. This Medallion might be Expensive
  3. Polska - Poland

    Doba Mina do Złej gry Btw: cosik przegapiłem ?
  4. EL killing my computer

    Hmm when i was in Isreal on my Mum comp i gota thesame problems the game was freezing resync etc .. I set only low textures etc and it works fine.
  5. The Update

    i LOVe FEros ,The mAps Look awesome i didnt check them all. ITs great !!!
  6. Artwork Updates

    awesome dragons I love them
  7. Buying

    I want buy all this what i wrote here
  8. Selling a bit of armor and such.

    HUh u dont like $$ ?
  9. Polska - Poland

    OOps to jaka to pila <lanchowa pila ? >
  10. Polska - Poland

    Teksanska masakra pila maszynowa ^^
  11. AFK Messages

    My old afk message: Error 9897$59089 El.exe please restart u PC
  12. Buying

    Wanna buy some steel set or tit :> 1 Col and jagged sabber ;D please pm at forum (i gottq good deal ) Or pm ingame
  13. Polska - Poland

    POlecam NasTepujące FilMy: Borat I Babel
  14. Polska - Poland

    Najbardzie spodobal mi sie kandydat to jakies miasta ktory wystepowal w swojej reklamie w wyborczej pod prysznicem <niesmak > ^^^^ P.s Moj tatus juz ma taki sweterek
  15. Pierwsze kroki w Eternal Lands

    Wszechstronny nie jestem :>