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  1. Making EL better

    EL's economy isn't free market now and it never was. The most basic definition of free market is that 1) price of every product is set by law of supply and demand and 2) all transactions are made voluntarily without any coercion. While second condition is met, the first one is not - NPCs buying and selling prices are set in stone which affects whole economy (eg. you will never find anyone selling fes for less than 3gc). More on topic: I'm not a fighter so I can't tell how does it look like from their perspective, but speaking from mixers' point of view I think csiga nailed the problem here: unless you learn to love afk-harving (and learn to love mini-events too) EL will quickly become boring. It's actually pretty simple when you think about it: you need to get lots of ings to get enough exp for higher skill levels and to get lots of ings you have to harvest them for hours. And let's not kid ourselves - long term harvesting is anything but fun, I think everyone agrees with that. That's one thing, EL is also monotone for different reason: there are only few items people make, because everything else is either waste of gcs or waste of time. I believe everyone knows what I'm talking about here, but let me an example anyway: everybody who is serious about manu skill, had made, are making or will be making tons of leather helms. That is, until he is able to make s2es with good success rate, then he will them whenever he'll want to score the next manu level. And that's manu, for crafting there are polished sapphs -> moon meds -> glac/evtr rings; for potioning there are reasoning pots -> SR/BRs -> TS and so on. You people play this game so you know what I am talking about So to sum it up, EL is droning because players are constantly harving the same stuff to make the same items, with very little variety. But this post wouldn't have much value if I haven't give any solution to this problem, right? Right, so here is my solution: we should review and NPC buying and selling prices to (at least) allow mixers make every item in game without gc loss. Sounds radical? Yeah, it pretty much is, but I think it would help, for multiple reasons. First and least important, is that it would remove this stupid situation we have now, where if I would want to buy ings from NPC for... let's say fire essences, I would have to pay 12gc (6 for sulfur, 3 for snaps and 3 for roses) and I would be able to sell finished product for 3gc. Using our pr0 math skills we calculate that our work is worth exactly -9gc. That's right, my work have negative value. I know it was set up this way to encourage trading between players, but come, with prices like it's pointless to even have NPC who sell sulfur. Now, let's imagine that we set sulfur selling price set at 3gc, both flowers at 0.5gc and fe buying price at 4.05gc. How would that affect the game? First of all, if we set the prices of all (or at least low and mid level) items in this manner it would allow much quicker exping, because players would be able to make stuff appropriate to their skill levels (which means more variety which means less boredom, which is the second and main reason it would help the game) without losing money, but also without any decent profit. If players would want to earn some cash by the way they would still have to harvest at least some ings themselves. But they would have a choice and choice is always good. That would allow newer players to catch up with older ones more quickly, without wiping the database, or screwing anybody. I know it would change the pace of the game (for mixers at least) but I'm truly convinced it would change it only for the better. Of course, enriched essies, stones etc. would be available only from $hop and made/dug by chance, so we would still maintain the control over influx of the ubber gear. And if the NPCs would be able to adjust their prices depending on what goods players are buying/selling on top of that... but that's a different story.
  2. Selling 20k HEs for 140k

  3. Selling 20k HEs for 140k

    Selling 20k HEs for 140k
  4. Yeah, though I couldn't find for what reason, so I started a new thread. Besides, my necromancy skill ain't 1337 enough to revive 2 years old thread.
  5. Since PoFs are food, or at least serve the same purpose as food, I think they belong there. It should be easy to implement and makes the game a little bit more consistent.
  6. Mini Harv Events

    Yes, I am planning to do that. Nooo, mini events are fine as they are now, just fix the eyecandy. If you really feel an urge to tweak them you could make them give exp way more often than gcs - it'll be better from "roleplaying" point of view (it has nothing to do with me liking that extra exp, absolutely nothing).
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    reptik - 10k silver ore (20k)