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  1. Polska - Poland

    Kto głosował na Ewe? =-P
  2. Polska - Poland

    . zamykamy temat =-P
  3. ^^ i can mix bars if some1 got ore
  4. Mana drain : 20-25 update ~40 Harm:18 update:~50 Life drain: 10 update:10 imo if we have some spells stronger now (MD, H) why isn't LD stronger too?
  5. Fail rate high lvl items

    i can make bars for u all ppl =-] 20bars ->1ore for me
  6. Polska - Poland

    o znajomi ^^ ps. czas zaczac nabijac posty
  7. teh banned 0n3na

    When i was talking with teh banned 0n3na she said she missed EL and she asked me towrite post here, Could i ask to unban her? it was long time ago why don't you give her second chance?