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  1. Best Linux Distro?

    i like ubuntu havent used many othere but i have found the forums very helpful and i havent had any problems with 8.04
  2. ^v^

    ^v^ guild is now recruting dedicated people. At this time all we require is a skill over 20 in any thing but oa and harvest. If your interested pm any member in ^v^. Thank you Kurok
  3. Windows vs Linux..

    I love Kubuntu works like a charm
  4. Egow

    hmmmm is there any thing that can be done? Kurok
  5. which linux to use for el?

    I use Kubuntu wich is basicaly ubuntu and the game runs great everything works.
  6. Vote for EL Linux packages

    ok this works great. just one question how do i log on to the pk server with this set up.
  7. ignoring people on pk server

    I am truley sorry that you were offended by what was said and as the leader of Egow pk I give you my sincerest apologies for it. Next time im on i will talk to them and set a few rules for the way we do these things. Kurok GM EGOW PK
  8. selling titanium armor

    2 tit greaves 31k ea Tit plate74k tit shield 25k tit cussies 41k to contact me pm me in game Ty Kurok Sold
  9. Works like a charm for me only problem so far is no sound when i turn it on the game comes to a complete stop and i have to reboot my puter . celeron 1.8 ati 8500 Sound blaster Audigy ya its old but its still kiken
  10. Restoration based on rationality

    interesting idea i say its worth a try might be just what the doctor orderes
  11. Windows RC 3

    other than some halting and big fps drops no real problem except for a certian room that is secret and has one troll and ogre in it when i have sound enabled my fps come to a screaching halt and i cant do any thing at all, meaning i cant acess the options menue to turn off the sound.However if i use an alt and turn it off i have no problem with my main character moving around. I tried to make the same thing happen in several other rooms but didnt have the same problem. Except for the one problem so far it is a wonderful job and i can hardly wait for it to be implemented.
  12. PK server

    great idea i think i would play on it i dont pk on the main because im to out classed but on a pk server i think i wold be able to compete. Cool idea
  13. P2P expiration, 5 October

    mine aslo please
  14. Music

    the music is great every one is to be commended for their part in it. I usualy turn it off because of the repetive factor to it.Add more maybe keyed to wht your doing like mixing of fighting or whatever you like to do . just my 2 cents
  15. Did you have fun on no drop day?

    I was serously owned the whole time didnt kill any one but had a blast anyways. I at least have a better idea of where i stand in everything. ty all for the fun ill be better next time
  16. selling

    pm Kurok in game to make offer or make one here best one gets it. I currently have 155 in stock and will have more in the future. SOLD
  17. How old are you?

  18. Whats the best tower for El [SOLVED]

    Im running a celeron 1.8 gig 512 megs of ram and an ati8500 card with 128 megs of ram on it and play on windows xp and linux kubuntu and have no problems playing the game at all. my puter is about 6 years old now.
  19. Selling fe's

    selling 10k fes at 3.5 ea pm me in game or leave a message here. SOLD
  20. Selling fe's

  21. Fedora Core 6 issues. [SOLVED]

    sounds to me like you didnt change the pointer in the .elc to where your game is installed. There is a hidden folder that you change the .ini in so that it points to where the game is actually installed. These are the same errors i recieved until i changed it.IIRC its located in your home folder.
  22. Vista

    IM not gonna use vista if at all possible. I have SUSE installed on my big hard drive now and am learning how to use it. Ill keep xp as long as i need it but i find my selfusing it less often now .
  23. Linux Live-cd

    realy dont think your gonna be able to do much since your running the live cd i rember now you couldnt make changes as long as you were running that way. I tried using the ubuntu live cd and no dice. Now i run SUSE 10.1 from the hd and these are what i had to do. Also if you install one of the linux distros m ake sure to change the pointer in the .elc file it drove me crazy trying to get it to work untill i changed that one. The regular .ini dosent work. Kurok