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  1. Best Linux Distro?

    i like ubuntu havent used many othere but i have found the forums very helpful and i havent had any problems with 8.04
  2. ^v^

    ^v^ guild is now recruting dedicated people. At this time all we require is a skill over 20 in any thing but oa and harvest. If your interested pm any member in ^v^. Thank you Kurok
  3. Windows vs Linux..

    I love Kubuntu works like a charm
  4. Egow

    hmmmm is there any thing that can be done? Kurok
  5. which linux to use for el?

    I use Kubuntu wich is basicaly ubuntu and the game runs great everything works.
  6. Vote for EL Linux packages

    ok this works great. just one question how do i log on to the pk server with this set up.
  7. ignoring people on pk server

    I am truley sorry that you were offended by what was said and as the leader of Egow pk I give you my sincerest apologies for it. Next time im on i will talk to them and set a few rules for the way we do these things. Kurok GM EGOW PK
  8. selling titanium armor

    2 tit greaves 31k ea Tit plate74k tit shield 25k tit cussies 41k to contact me pm me in game Ty Kurok Sold
  9. Works like a charm for me only problem so far is no sound when i turn it on the game comes to a complete stop and i have to reboot my puter . celeron 1.8 ati 8500 Sound blaster Audigy ya its old but its still kiken
  10. Restoration based on rationality

    interesting idea i say its worth a try might be just what the doctor orderes
  11. Windows RC 3

    other than some halting and big fps drops no real problem except for a certian room that is secret and has one troll and ogre in it when i have sound enabled my fps come to a screaching halt and i cant do any thing at all, meaning i cant acess the options menue to turn off the sound.However if i use an alt and turn it off i have no problem with my main character moving around. I tried to make the same thing happen in several other rooms but didnt have the same problem. Except for the one problem so far it is a wonderful job and i can hardly wait for it to be implemented.
  12. PK server

    great idea i think i would play on it i dont pk on the main because im to out classed but on a pk server i think i wold be able to compete. Cool idea
  13. P2P expiration, 5 October

    mine aslo please