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  1. Pk server tune up votes

    We tried it, it cant catch dis (bc he can just press shortcuts), but enemy lag out to hell, so it works well
  2. A co takhle Ĩesky a slovensky, he?

    kua, to bylo jeste moje p2p, ze? sem na to uplne zapomel ... ale stejne ten orchan byl uz okoukanej
  3. Remote Heal strength - please help by answering

    lvl 100, 42-45
  4. Titanium Plate of Freezing

    it doesnt work, many weaker players paralyzed me and I never missed ... and when I had it, I paralyzed something 2x in row, I think it was in mortos challenge, so it cant work, lol edit: from log (mortos event) this was surely 1 dragon: [22:06:37] Red Dragon got paralyzed for 3 turns! [22:06:38] Red Dragon got paralyzed for 3 turns! I noticed it doesnt work on mortos many times, but it was my only pl8, so I spammed with it whole event.
  5. Celebrating 5 skills at or above 100

    I found it, it was ti cuisses and I collected keys (I got 19) and some PK points, so I didnt post it right after I found it btw. who summoned bear on me? I got mana burned when I was afk and didnt noticed who was there, lol
  6. Red Dragon

    No, TD plx, come with it to TD, I'd like some free EFEs if I'm online, I'm mostly there
  7. Alternative PKing system

    hmm, so bad, with this PKers'll need much more gc, so ~150% of gc droped from monsters should be good. I'm scared of it, but I think I can live with it one month, so I'll use it at least one month with TooMass, if you make it. and btw. command to take rostogol, or some other items from magic part of storage everywhere should be good fo PKable. (I cant find way how to abuse it, so why not?)
  8. Alternative PKing system

    Here is problem of this system and one of many problems of your total war, there should be ~5 steps around each storage non-PK and idaloran hell exit too (or maybe ring of IP can work in hell). And you must make final seznam of all advantages before I (anyone)'ll tell you if it worth it. and suggestion what worth it: +20% a/d exp some new NPC usable only for PKable (like storage in TD lower cooldown (-50%) some new items only for PKable better monster drops ... and idk why I post this, you cant find more than 3 players who'll realy use it, regardless of advantages (2x a/d exp, 2x monster drops or so ...) and its not about system, its about players
  9. After 180 level

    lol, 1) I stopped monster training ~month ago, there is no reason for more training 2) most of my exp is from serping hulda, bc its best gc+exp 3) if you dont trust me, I dont care, its fact (I can hold yeti+AC for good exp w/o problems ... and you too, with your new p/c, you just never do it, bc its PK)
  10. After 180 level

    I have 480k/h on double yetis, 300k/h on giants, 100k/h on dragons, 340k/h serping hulda, 600k/h on chim+yeti in hulda, 800k/h PvP+yeti+AC. its all I can do for "good" exp/gc, but last one is def only exp, so its sux.
  11. I died with 5+ rostos in inv and lost only 1 (some months ago on red dragons when they droped it like hell, so bad they havent rosto drop anymore )
  12. Bear in hell?

    There was invasion in underworld, I hope it'll be only at no drop days ^^
  13. Character description

    Some players cant use gossip, so this is better for me (ehm them)
  14. Character description

    Yes, possibly for a limited number of times. Not sure yet, I'll see if enough players like the idea. I'll pay only for unlimited changes and lifetime. Good idea, btw.
  15. You dont need any teleport ess, he had 24 swords and 4 HE in 25 slots (23 free, hydro, bind), I use tele ess only in maze, it worth 3 hydro/trip, but I can mule 60 swords/trip, so idk if it worth for ~30