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  1. New players online mirror page

    Oh, thats why Annilator gave me a Access Denied when I tried to reboot him. Good luck, I hate it when things like that happen :/
  2. Standardised web address for bots

    Ok, thanks. Sometime I might make a public page about it, but not sure why I'd need one.
  3. Standardised web address for bots

    My bot frontend asks for authorization, then sends me a 404. [edit: when using annihilator.elbots.co.uk] Using annihilator.labby.co.uk still works though. Any ideas?
  4. Standardised web address for bots

    Can you set annihilator.elbots.co.uk to point to the server you host my bot on too? Just to get in on the action
  5. ethernal lands server stops working

    I've never seen that message before, what are you system specs? Can you post a screenie?
  6. EL 170 Pre RC

    My video card blew the other day and still having trouble with the new one, I'll test it once I get it sorted out.
  7. Map Editor

    What do you mean, the map editor dock? You mean the file to open it? Should be C:\program files\eternal lands\mapeditor.exe, unless your on linux, in which case I'm not sure (think you have to wine it...).
  8. Invasion tokens and their use

    Did you even read Ent's post?
  9. Invasion tokens and their use

    Cool! Though, it would also be cool if you could use them and a popup menu would display, with options for what you want to change, etc. But yet again, thats probably more work then it's worth.
  10. Omg, this car sucks, it's red

    Sorry for digging this back up, but atleast it's painted
  11. sunday war

    In the other thread I said I was interested (EDIT: interested in such an event, that is). Didn't hear about this until I was asked to prepare. Anyways, I'm busy today and can't come, sorry. I might be able to ask one of my guildies to sub, unless someone here wants to take my place.
  12. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    There's also some errors regarding the map layouts, I forget them now though. But I would bet they could put something in there like, "Do not attack anything other then rats, beavers, rabbits, your face..." and few would notice.
  13. Do you want a bot?

    I'd suspect that'd just be a waste of bandwidth. Though, I'm not sure if you can even by a guardbot for $20, iirc it said something in the bot rules about guardbots are $100 for guarding fees anyways. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  14. Do you want a bot?

    How is it possible to have a non-blessed guardbot?
  15. Recent Medical Article

    You sound like my guildie who does weed irl lool. [/sarcasm] Nice article, how'd it get found again?
  16. Remove the Tutorial NPC

    Most likely only the one client will see the text, like when you enter a room, only you see the "Welcome to bla bla" text. I like the idea though. Make it a exiciting class!
  17. war

    BOD is ok with me, but I don't like contests that allow BROD, so I vote that down. I'll see as the date gets nearer and maybe get my guild ready for a team.
  18. war

    Sounds fun, but I'd like a nice list of rules, not something along the lines But here's some questions: o Are great swords allowed? o Are BROD/BOD allowed? o Damage Rings allowed? o Mines allowed? o All spells allowed?
  19. The eternal lands Community Magazine

    Hehe, awesome! Though there's some typos, mostly "al" instead of "all", but it was cool. I liked the EntEnt
  20. Tutorial Quests...

    Just a quick thought. I know alot of my friends when playing games with dialogs, if they have alot of text, they tend to just skip it. Yeah, so it's their fault. But it might be a good idea to have it in small sections, and entertaining (maybe some jokes? I dunno :/). Weakening rabbits and beavers is a good one I think, since when can you die from a beaver irl? I'm not sure about veggies though. I know someone once who completed the tutorial, but then asked on channel "Why does it take so long to get veggies? I've been clicking on them over and over again and nothing!". (EDIT: they were clicking on them as fast as they could, simply stopping harvesting every time they started.) I guess one of the big problems is that many people in the online world dropped out of school, or are forgien (spelling?) and can't understand alot. My 1.5 cents.
  21. Tutorial Quests...

    Shall we make it a "everyone submit their ideas and see which one makes it" contest? EDIT: nvm, that sounds like a bad idea
  22. Tutorial Quests...

    Or simply restrict IP from any ranged attacks whatsoever? Perhaps. But this kind of idea would also allow spots for nearby sulfur, snap dragons, and roses, and people wouldn't be able to haul them for advanatage because there would be no way back. I dunno.
  23. Tutorial Quests...

    Imps don't auto attack I like the idea, I was going to suggest something like this but never got around to it. Also, I think it'd be nice if a message popped up when you first appear on IP, that says "Welcome to EL! Left-Click on the Tutorial NPC to get started." (or am I stupid and that's already there? been a while...) EDIT: this is a long shot, and will probably be flamed down because it's too close to RS, but I think maybe there should be a island before IP, thats smaller and easier to find rabbits and such, and faster spawn time. IP is getting crowded and alot of pr0's are training archery on newbie's rabbits. Just a thought.
  24. I see your point. However, I meant the whitelist in addition to the obscurity, and it's problaby a bad idea anyways, most of my guildies can't remember how to use my bot >.<