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  1. New players online mirror page

    Oh, thats why Annilator gave me a Access Denied when I tried to reboot him. Good luck, I hate it when things like that happen :/
  2. Standardised web address for bots

    Ok, thanks. Sometime I might make a public page about it, but not sure why I'd need one.
  3. Standardised web address for bots

    My bot frontend asks for authorization, then sends me a 404. [edit: when using annihilator.elbots.co.uk] Using annihilator.labby.co.uk still works though. Any ideas?
  4. Standardised web address for bots

    Can you set annihilator.elbots.co.uk to point to the server you host my bot on too? Just to get in on the action
  5. ethernal lands server stops working

    I've never seen that message before, what are you system specs? Can you post a screenie?
  6. EL 170 Pre RC

    My video card blew the other day and still having trouble with the new one, I'll test it once I get it sorted out.
  7. Map Editor

    What do you mean, the map editor dock? You mean the file to open it? Should be C:\program files\eternal lands\mapeditor.exe, unless your on linux, in which case I'm not sure (think you have to wine it...).
  8. Invasion tokens and their use

    Did you even read Ent's post?
  9. Invasion tokens and their use

    Cool! Though, it would also be cool if you could use them and a popup menu would display, with options for what you want to change, etc. But yet again, thats probably more work then it's worth.
  10. Omg, this car sucks, it's red

    Sorry for digging this back up, but atleast it's painted
  11. sunday war

    In the other thread I said I was interested (EDIT: interested in such an event, that is). Didn't hear about this until I was asked to prepare. Anyways, I'm busy today and can't come, sorry. I might be able to ask one of my guildies to sub, unless someone here wants to take my place.
  12. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    There's also some errors regarding the map layouts, I forget them now though. But I would bet they could put something in there like, "Do not attack anything other then rats, beavers, rabbits, your face..." and few would notice.
  13. Do you want a bot?

    I'd suspect that'd just be a waste of bandwidth. Though, I'm not sure if you can even by a guardbot for $20, iirc it said something in the bot rules about guardbots are $100 for guarding fees anyways. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  14. Do you want a bot?

    How is it possible to have a non-blessed guardbot?
  15. Recent Medical Article

    You sound like my guildie who does weed irl lool. [/sarcasm] Nice article, how'd it get found again?