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    washington st
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    roll playing games like crazy
  1. How old are you?

    i bet im the oldest female at age 60 and will be playing games till i die
  2. connecting problems

    turned firewall off, uninstalled el them reinstall it. still wont work
  3. connecting problems

    sence the update cant connect to server. says couldnt fine gl_ext_framebuffer_objectextension, not use use it. framfuffer disabled shadow map not supported. shadow map size reduced to 256 cant connect to server i have windows xp nvidis ge force 6200 tubo viedo card 512 mb physical memory. 257 mb available dont know what else you need to know. 1 question. do i need a neew viedo card to play el. thanks for the help
  4. help

    when i loged on after you fixed the bugs yesterday i was banned then about 4 hours later i was able to play. then when i loged on today i was banned again. i dont understand. did i do something wrong or what. i dont believe i ever did anything wrong. please let me know so i can fix it . thank you mariejane