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  1. Transparent ground

    OMG!...Thanks Roja..easiest solution to a problem I've heard so far
  2. Transparent ground

    Hi, I've noticed that some maps (eg TG magic school) have transparent ground in the mapeditor so you can make do things like make pits and see through the grid down into them. I've looked everywhere in forum and manuals/tutorials to find an answer but no matter what I do the ground on my map blocks visibility of objects that have been lowered. What do I need to do? Thanks for any help. Mircea
  3. Only connects to test server!

    Some good news for a change! The Three mobile network in Australia now allows port 2000 traffic. Thanks for the many suggestions (eg I was using a proxy for a while). Cheers Mircea
  4. Only connects to test server!

    Just an update...(playing EL via mobile phone or usb mobile broadband modem) It seems that port 2000 also used by Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP). SCCP is a Cisco proprietary voice protocol used to facilitate call management functions between CallManager systems and IP phones. A techie at 3 Australia told me that 3 (world-wide?) have an "issue" with VOIP use over mobile broadband and that the port would not be opened until that issue was resolved. Given that most voip data is cheaper here to use than mobile call rates its not too surprising that a mobile company would react this way. A pity because 3 are twice as cheap as the next nearest competitor in this country. My problem...damn again...I'll keep lobbying the provider. MirceaTM
  5. Only connects to test server!

    Damn (try getting a mobile phone company ("3" Australia) to adjust their Cisco router! )... Funny thing was it did connect *once*..may have been just one of their routers configured OK That Red Dragon is looking easy now! thnx Ent, MirceaTM
  6. Only connects to test server!

    Hi all, I'm trying to connect using the same laptop I usually have connected to my home network but through a USB wireless broadband modem. At first I thought this must be my Firewall playing tricks on me...but I disabled it with the same result. I CAN connect to the TEST server! (just not the main server) I am now wondering if this is a whitelist issue...my current IP is (but this will change everytime I connect). Any ideas would be very welcome, Thanks, MirceaTM Edit: here is my login text for what it is worth... [15:48:02] Window size adjusted to 990x720 [15:48:05] GL_ARB_multitexture extension found, using it. [15:48:05] GL_ARB_texture_env_combine extension found, using it. [15:48:05] GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array extension found, using it. [15:48:05] GL_ARB_point_sprite extension found, using it. [15:48:05] GL_ARB_texture_compression extension found, using it. [15:48:05] GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc extension found, using it. [15:48:05] GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap extension found, using it. [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_shadow extension, not using it... [15:48:05] GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension found, using it. [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension, not using it... [15:48:05] GL_EXT_draw_range_elements extension found, using it. [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two extension, not using it... [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_fragment_program extension, not using it... [15:48:05] GL_ARB_vertex_program extension found, using it. [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_fragment_shader extension, not using it... [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_vertex_shader extension, not using it... [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_shader_objects extension, not using it... [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_shading_language_100 extension, not using it... [15:48:05] GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat extension found, NOT using it... [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_texture_rectangle extension, not using it... [15:48:05] GL_EXT_fog_coord extension found, NOT using it... [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc extension, not using it... [15:48:05] Couldn't find the GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc extension, not using it... [15:48:07] Point Particles disabled. [15:48:07] Framebuffer disabled (need newer driver) [15:48:07] Shadow map size not supported! Shadow map size reduced to 512! [15:48:07] Shadowmapping disabled (need newer hardware) [15:48:41] Your personal settings and logs will be saved in C:\Documents and Settings\<name removed>\My Documents/Eternal Lands/main/ [15:48:41] Connecting to Server... [15:49:27] Hi, and welcome to Eternal Lands! If you're new to the game and need help, please read the newbie helper guides on the main website. If you would rather learn by doing, talk to the Tutorial NPC, which is at the start point. In addition to that, you can type #help_me and your question to get a live response if there are helpers online. Click on the screen to continue! [15:49:27] Disconnected from server! [15:49:27] Press Alt-x to close the game
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Game name is MirceaTM buying 4K Silver Ore (8kgc) Cheers...
  8. legolas14

    Legolas14 spent *ages* doing his damn best to scam our trade-bot and finally found a way of getting some gc (fixed now!). After this fix I refrained from banning him to see if he would come back and try again...sure enough he kept trying but with no success. I strongly suggest all bot owners add him to their banlist! This guy is trouble. Welcome to our PK list Legolas14....well deserved. Mircea
  9. jerry1

    I'm sure that our initial post was pretty clear in the context of the preceding posts. Every post above that was describing his various dire acts...I am glad that he has now mended his ways, but at the time we were not about to let him wander around bagjuamping with our tag above his head!
  10. jerry1

    NO Sparhawk We found this post because he was bagjumping and scamming! If being kicked has improved his behaviour then thats just great! Perhaps he needed the shock of being kicked to wake him up. Glad to help! MirceaTM
  11. BruceMorrow GM of KOTR an admitted bagjumper

    Looks like things got inflamed a little too quickly there. I wasn't there to see, but from the posts it wasn't *clear* that BruceMorrow was aware he(?) was being address until *after* he had been accused! He then got angry at accusation but *did* offer stuff back. Bagjumpers just say no. The whole thing appears to have escalated because Lov42 thought she had BruceMorrow's attention while he was largely AFK. So I think this falls under the category of mutual misundertsanding. Please "kiss and make-up" (thnx Skullsyk...I think..)
  12. server down?

    Just as soon as they work out what scrambled the database and restore the backups from 2 weeks ago! <runs screaming in circles>
  13. server down?

    Gaaa... what does this message tell you? Yes, the server is such a great piece of software that it even sends a message when it crashes o.O Someone didnt close a barrel properly, so some gnomes could escape. Even placid was posting here earlier, thats why Piper Err...yeah it is such a great piece of code...exception handler!?!
  14. server down?

    Definitely a server software crash...the server machine is still ping-able...
  15. Today's "Little" Invasion

    During the recent invasion at the Forest of the Fall there would have been a small percentage who could handle attacks by Pandas, Grizzlys, etc...for the rest just a quick path to the underworld with no chance to back out. In the previous invasion monsters did not ignore the MM perk, so you could select targets you were capable of. The paths from the Underworld were just a huge stream of those below A/D 30. So do you think they got their DBs back? Just a bunch of high level players cleaning up DBs with impunity... Invasion = Take from the poor to donate to the rich Just wonder you mean, can you explain?