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  1. Server down or my internet?

    from what was read it is assumed the problem is AT&T related for most(?) but i have contacted my ISP, they wouldnt get specific (dunno why but they always get anal with me<.<), but said they dont run with them so that cant be the reason for me... unless they dont know what they are talkin about which it wouldnt be the first time... is there any progress on what the issue is or a way to get past it? got nothin to do for the next few hours and slowly goin nuts from boredom... with proper knowledge that wont be much help... as stated it would be best to just not give IPs... can lead to lose of characters, money (if banking or card info is stored on pc), and much more
  2. Server down or my internet?

    Hey i am havin same issue.... im in Iowa and usin a direct link from pc to cable modem... Mediacom is the ISP... so nothing to do with AT&T here
  3. EFE issue?

    I have a huge FE project happening and im getting to the point i have started to mix.. i started the mixing yesterday and noticed i wasnt getting efes even at the normal rate of ~1 per 5k... instead it took 14k before 1 appeared in inventory... i have spoke with a few others that have also noticed the same thing.. am just wondering if it is just a bad day for us or if there was a mistake in the last update.. EDIT:i finished the first batch of 25k fe with 3 efes... so when i finish my first batch of orders (totaling 175k fes) at this rate i will get about 21 efe and normal i would get about 35 (these are just estimates since even though the rates arent completely random they arent 100% predictable either) ... i will make my second batch of 25k and edit the post further..
  4. Total War - PkG

    easy solution... stop trying to insult me and i will gladly leave you to you cowardice.. and since your so "pro" why not prove it by argeeing to the v terms?
  5. Total War - PkG

    Very good then stop wasting youre time on me...ty plx plx move on to next thread ..good for nothing but flaming posts u are.. me and omg are actualy tring to get somthing worked out here i dont know what thread you are reading guy cuz this is full of people other than yourself and ^v^ and all havecome to the same conclusion...you wont fight an all fighter guild...simple....and my posts werent flaming... simply observitive... i recall you were the first to throw insults =P
  6. Total War - PkG

    lol i seem to have hit a sencitive spot.... oooooo.... touchy child arent you.... and i have... like i said your logic is flawed... and really... if you think my opinion is worthless it doesnt matter since the thoughts of worthless people like yourself mean nothing Edit: rotflmao again guy..... i dont have a guild to make you total war atm.... when i make one i will be pacient and play with your little frinds like a good boy
  7. Total War - PkG

    Really you havent read this thread then, and if you have you havent understood a damn thing ....lmao ur the nubb i understand youre nmt was branched lol@ u lol you are a dumb shit arent you... i have never had nmt =P i dont train on fluffies and dont waste the gold to get =P and i have read the WHOLE LONG JAWSLACKING ramblings of you and everybody else.... wake up from your delousions all you want to do is kill the non-fighters so yyou refuse a guild of fighters ready to fight on equal terms..
  8. Total War - PkG

    rotflmao the more i read the more scared PkG seems..... mufo you go on about even terms? wtf is even about you guys picking off the low level mixers in the enemy guilds? why not fight somebody on even terms a guild with all fighters? and dont give more of your logic cuz it is all flawed... EDIT: oh i almost forgot the noobish kk plx ty
  9. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    i came upon this a bit late, but would just like to make a comment/suggestion please forgive me if i fail to make sence.... been a long day and brain is starting to shit out.... but anyway looking at the brod/bod i noticed after the purchase there is really arent many cons to those particular weapons for there quite potent effect... would it be possible to add some sort of equalizer effect to them to balance it kinda like the stronger dmg weapons tend to have a negative effect on accuracy and/or defence and such? and to whoever offered up the quicker way to switch equiptment i must say that is a nifty idea.. in arigorns post about switching to cutless to break the cloak and damage the col (which i did fix btw so you 2 still lost more than i =P) it was me that happened to and we went for sometime swtiching back and forth in equipt ment (me going from the red cloak to mirror ,till that broke from branch, hit to bp and him from cutless to branch) the cloak was still gone in a single battle which is a large draw back... so with the cloak the main concern i have seen so far is that it will make the rings useless if made stronger and from the user view it is not effective because it is fragile... so would it be possibly to make it stronger however sacrificing the ability to protect against the rings in return? that way the concern of it not being useful to players because of break rate is fixed and at the same time the worry of it effecting the rings is also controlled since then its only use would be bod/brod (which from what i have noticed is the majority of players main use for it anyway).... personally it isnt a big deal to me since im sure either way ill be wandering pk and what not wether or not it is empty for lack of better stuff to do at some times during the day.. but it seems to be getting to alot of people which overall sucks balls cuz dampens the fun factor.. and to be clear im not trying to piss anybody off nor bitch just offering some possibilities that may or may not be cared for..
  10. beta = bag jumpers

    hmmmm.... couple things i find funny as hell here... one would be the pic he has of horvic shows him in xXx which would be an enemy.... the other when riku bjed him (if he did or not i dont know nordo i really care cuz ye... your a dumbass basically) he was in DIE! which is evidently an allie... now the thing about that is a member of DIE! really shouldnt complain about such things considering WHILE ~iN~ and DIE! were allied there were multiple attacks on ~iN~ members by them which led to me attacking back and the eventual switch to war.... so really this whole thing must be a bad joke...
  11. a half sucessful scam

    Im still lovin the nice bright red color for these guys ^^
  12. Scammed....

    Good thing i already have IRON as red for simular issues
  13. yes... 2 reasons... sometimes i wanna slap eos...and also would make the group pking much more interesting...as long as summons dont attack as well since that would just be chaos >.<
  14. need answers for these questions

    try carrying tp to range essence.... dis, use spell, then ring... in some place wont need ring just dis and spell..
  15. Poker-Face

    took a screen shot of a bald man with eyes in back of head... but lost it