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  1. Pk Items For Sale

    Thank you for the trades everyone, Also there is new stuff added
  2. Pk Items For Sale

    Don't you wish you spend About 500gc to buy Those Extra Health Potions that would save you in a fight from loosing 17k? or even more o.0, or be the one that use's a Ring of Massive Mana Dest to kill someone on a no rosto day and get there loot andd Pki Points?well don't worry! cuz im loaded and im selling: Every Single Item in Pk help you.. whether u gain pki points, or save a rosto it all matters. so don't hesitate.. get it all now 425 Great Health Potions 25 Extra Mana Potions 5 Ring Of Massive Mana Destruction -Sold 125 Diss Rings -On Hold 95 Damage Rings -Sold 50 Mana Destruction Rings -Sold 100 Body Restoration Potions 560 Cord Pots -Sold 235 Phy Pots -Sold 45 Attack Pots 93 Eva Pots -Sold 28 Acc Pot -Sold 3 CotU 3 Bp Cloak 40 Bear Summoning Stons 29 Tiger Stones 25 VotD Rings 75 Dp Rings Cutlass Titanium Plate -Sold Titanium Cuisses Titanium Shield Titanium Greaves Recurve Bow -On Hold Short Bow Crossbow -On Hold 2539 Training Arrows 19 Fire Arrows, 13 Ice Arrows 44 Fire Bolts, 21 Ice Bolts, 34 Magic Bolts Other Items: 2 Enriched Life Essence 1.6k Sapphires Book Of Steel Short Sword Of Thermal 10 Titanium Long Swords 11 Steel Long Swords 6 Iron Swords 3 Iron Broad Swords 1 Titanium Short Sword 2k Bones I Kno this aint a auction but if someone "Out bids" (Offers More) I might take there offer, no hard feelings. And Im taking Orders On SnapDragons, And Blue Star Flowers Also Accecpting: Ae's, Silver Ore, Fps--- And buying Em Too If Im Not On Just gossip me, or post on forums. Ingame Name: ThugZ
  3. Single Elimination Desert Pines Arena PK contest!

    Same here... ;P but no really.. Sunday is the worst day ever, alot of people have work, and i always have to go to those dumb BBQ's.. can't you switch the day?.. and btw Shud'nt there be 3 winners? Gold, Silver, Bronze? ;P the Second prize is looknig pretty bad compared to the first.. DONT MAKE IT SUNDAY Btw i might make it this Sunday.. so maybe another player would need to fight in the match.. ain't 100% sure... Wanted to let you kno before hand
  4. Def Vit Wildness Acc/Eva Sr's Extra Mana Pots Ok.. umm i got like almost all of wat i needed only the one's above are left.. If you kno anyone with acc/eva or def/vit pots pm me or send me a gossip.. but i still need the others too
  5. Single Elimination Desert Pines Arena PK contest!

    Good thing I don't have "One" Nicley Said Saint.. i think we should be able to use explosive mines and mana drain wards.. But.. the fight wont last long.. lol once someone flee's and they run they'd get drained by the ward.. and prob hit with the mine.. and after all all the $$ Real life buyer's would be the richest and throw em all over the arena.. Unforgivin.. ;P
  6. Single Elimination Desert Pines Arena PK contest!

    Great contest, Count me in please, ingame name: ThugZ I will prove I can attack on sunday.
  7. Should the Hydro-Nexus NPC be removed?

    All korrde is basilly suggesting is to make the game better, fairer, now that i think of it i would not want to die by luci who has almsot all attributes maxed, while im the same oa but i only have like 3 and half out of 6.. while he's 5/6 max attributes.. and you'd loose nothing but gain back your bars, stones.. etc.. you spent on the nexus.. Btw korrde, how bout luci? I've heard he's spent over 20 grand in real life, on Eternal Lands how would he get his money back? it's not like the'll offer him 100 therm serps? ;P Just because you buy items from the shop does not mean you are above our rules. So by reading this you acknowledge that if you do break the game rules and you get banned from the game, you will NOT be refunded any money . It's pretty much the same thing as going to a theme park and causing trouble, you will most likely be kicked out without a refund. Same thing applies for less severe punishments, such as an inventory clean.
  8. Should the Hydro-Nexus NPC be removed?

    Now that i re-read the whole thing all over again and saw that msg, i voted yes it should be removed, if we only loose are attributes and nexus but then get em bac. (by that i mean only the pps you bought get earased.. like you can't have more then your oa, as you stated above) Btw i accidently voted i had over 50 fights ;P.. though if i add up all my kills i do ;P (not monsters)
  9. Should the Hydro-Nexus NPC be removed?

    Im not voting, but im just stating my opinion: Personally i think it should be removed, it would not be fair for someone that worked very hard on training to get pps, but then someone just spend like a couple of grand on el.. to buy pps, or hydro bars to get nexus stones and turn em into pps. Also, i would want it to stay, because all those hard people that worked for there Oa.. got what in return, after all those years of training..alching, harvesting etc.. The only way i would like it to be removed is if everyone's oa stayed the same, and only those people that bought pp's in rl, or nexus to turn into pp's would get affected, but still that wont be fair after spending all that money in rl and everything get's erased, Example.. Luci. Therefore i am not voting.
  10. Storage Sale

    Selling Armor: Black Dragon Cuisses Sold Black Dragon Greaves Sold Titanium Plate mail Titanium Greaves Titanium Shield Used Titanium Cuisses (Same as normal stats) Weapons Bronze Sword Cutlass Crossbow 48 Magic Bolts 45 Fire Bolts 27 Ice Bolts Animal 1.2k Bones 750 Raw Meat Minerals/Flowers 5k Snaps 5k Roses 1.6k Sapphires 5k Coal Buying Feasting Pots C1 Rings Physique Pots Cord Pots Acc Pots Eva Pots Magic Pots Also, When you post please tell me your ingame name so i can pm you.
  11. Pk Store

    Before you guys read this, i already searched stuff about Pki Points.. and read Saint's topic, but mine is saying something different as well. I had an idea.. so i could'nt resist sharing it with El. Day, after day.. weak after weak.. you always enter KF.. NC and kill couple dozen people and only get Pk Points, and waste potions, srs.. rings.. summoning stones.. etc.. cuz everyone has a rosto, instead of always losing money and having fun, why not make it 2 in 1! Have fun pkin, and gain something in return! What are all those pk points going to be used for other then making you look good? act tough.. and ranking you in the top 20.. instead why not make a pk shop.. that has like potions...new weaps?.. etc... something to spend your pk points on, just like you spend your gc. The problem would be people will keep killing eachother for points. Also, why can't pk points be used for people with low a/d? such as 40/40.. 50/50.. personally i would want to have some fun and pk.. not wait until im 120's.. then start pkin.. i'd wanna enjoy El as i get better ;D Btw, i kno you guys are thinking there is TD.. but once again all people will like 60/60 or 50/50 that wanna pk and get something in return, without dying to people that have 120+ a/d.. and how many people do you see pk'ing in TD? that's if you can anyways.. i would not want to risk 1 mil worth of items.. with a jsoc, since it's the only way to kill someone there that's not very weak.. and die to somebody and loose my whole sto.. Hope you like the idea
  12. Auction

    Sold, sorry all at now. Btw if anyone needs an order on coal just message me and i'll harv it.
  13. Alchers needed

    It would be a pleasure to make le's Message me ingame: ThugZ
  14. selling

    I am interested in some of your items Message me ingame: ThugZ
  15. Auction

    Auction on 56k Coal Start off price: 90k Buy now price: 110k Bid Increasments: 2k If i dont like price i will not sell it. Also Accepting: Armors CoL Message me ingame: ThugZ