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  1. Thermal serp auction

    Auctioning my thermal serpent sword. Lasts until Friday 22:00 GMT Bids start at 950k (increments of 10k+ please) BIN is 1.15mil. Contact me in game / post here/ mail me here. Name is guidera
  2. Thermal serp auction

  3. What Services would you be willing to pay for ?

    This could work more if you only saved your "earned" pickpoints and not ones you bought, so if you are 120 oa with 4 bought PPs and you get this reset you just have 120 PPs to spend
  4. Manufacture itens.

    20 s2e's please
  5. Santa Hat

  6. Lara serping ogre spawn

    lara where can i buy your invisble serp?
  7. The Harvesting and Alchemy Store!

    7k iron ore for 14kgc please and perhaps another 7k when that batch is done?
  8. loooooot!

    crap 18 minutes late but 26k for warlock!
  9. Platinium Coins

    That exchange would be fine, however nowadays its 1100gc for buying 1 platinum and 900gc for selling one, which means 200gc difference on 1 coin, if it was i.e. 100 coins, its 20kgc and that awful. The reason the exchange rate is the way it is, the plan had been to have some things bought by plats only, and some monsters sometimes dropping a plat. Having an exchange rate like that simulates money changers fees and also encourages people to keep any plats they got as plats or trade them to other players. That's like these things called doubloons on a crap RPG called puzzle pirates oh hi EL
  10. EMP weapon

    sorry to make a second post but that's basically the exact same as destroying the item, a fur cape compared to a nmt is worth nothing.
  11. EMP weapon

    sounds like a brod for nubs that cant afford one :S i can seriously imagine people just annoying stronger players by casting a couple around them, maybe breaking a therm or nmt :S
  12. Collectors and their collections.

    ^^ razrobinson has a crazy amount of those and other drop books in her sto
  13. WTS 22 binding stones 8k ea

    It's a free makret, people are allowed to TRY to buy/sell for whatever prices they want to.
  14. my 18th birthday party

    Happy birthday 2cute don't worry i'ma working on a present
  15. Description of Scotty Died/#beam me

    Why would you #reset to beam out oO
  16. One week holiday

    Have fun guys!
  17. Selling some stuff

    Selling, post here or pm me in game 560 iron ore=3gc each 825 mercury=7gc each 1 s2e=600gc 1 tit short=400gc 1 iron cuisses=4k 5 steel shields=300gc each 4 iron helms=150gc each 3 star medallions=100gc each 1 mirror cloak=4k 3.5k BOOKS: 3 human fight books=800 each 1 advanced alch book=50gc 2 moon med books=800 each 1 dis ring book=800gc 1 serp const=800gc 1 tit mining=800gc 1 bear summon=300gc Post here or pm me in game.
  18. Selling some stuff

    kk mariws, the book and meds are yours for 1.1k but the merc just got bought by a guildie, sorry, and what's your ingame name?
  19. I usually speak a lot in local at storages but people give out to me and make me take it to pm ^^
  20. Ros- rarity

    I hope that's an exageration oO. a 1 in 10 million chance....most people mining use excavator cloaks to every 20 millionth mineral/ore they harvest would be a rost on average......it would'nt work...rostos would be worth 10 times more than the items they are protecting EDIT: typos
  21. Just a stab in the dark - Falconry

    ......................how? EDIT: shouldn't this be in suggestions?
  22. Today's Invasion

    Great invasion, it was nice trying out the feros and dc's, 20 yetis raped me at the end and i lost my rost but that wont change my opinion, it was fun
  23. buy books

    i have dis ring building for 1k and bear summon for 300gc
  24. Knight_of_Ice scammer

    i was on market all day trying to buy a nmt when knight_of_ice pm's me saying he can sell for 140k so we organize to go to nc sto and then the chatlog explains the rest..... [22:04:05] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: hey] [22:04:10] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: hi] [22:04:16] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: nordcarn storage] [22:04:40] You entered the Nordcarn storage [22:04:52] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: come to nordcarn storage]] [22:05:12] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: so i can buy your nmt for 140k] [22:05:30] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: dunno] [22:05:34] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: what?] [22:05:43] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: i dont know] [22:05:50] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: yuo dont know about what?] [22:06:15] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: i canat] [22:06:21] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: you canat what?] [22:06:30] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: sell] [22:06:33] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: why not?] [22:06:40] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: not mine ] [22:06:58] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: you said you would :'O please man, i really need it] [22:07:26] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: alredy gave back ] [22:07:34] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: yuo gave back? what?] [22:07:37] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: to who?] [22:07:41] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: tht nmt] [22:07:47] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: to who?] [22:08:01] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: you said you could sell to me ] [22:08:03] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: friend just looged] [22:08:49] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: ok but we need to do this carefully then sumwere were no ppl were we can swap a bag] [22:09:03] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: no bag swapping a normal trade] [22:09:17] #GM from GuIDeRa: lmao the guy that wants to sell me nmt wants to do bag trade [22:09:24] #GM from Valkrie: lolz [22:09:25] #GM from Nahtepa: lol... scam [22:09:29] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: then i cant help u here] [22:09:29] #GM from GuIDeRa: i know [22:09:36] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: why not a normal trade?] [22:09:38] #GM from Bernie: suspisous [22:09:45] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: case i cant i got a neg perk] [22:09:57] #GM from GuIDeRa: lmao he says he cant do a normal traade cos he has a neg perk [22:10:04] #GM from Valkrie: wtf [22:10:05] #GM from Kirianthis: loool [22:10:08] #GM from Bernie: bs [22:10:13] #GM from Nahtepa: u shoulda just put a fruit in a bag. exchange bag and see his reaction ;p [22:10:17] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: you're lying, ther is no neg perk that stops you from trading] [22:10:20] #GM from Valkrie: ja [22:10:30] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: kk do a bag trade] [22:10:33] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: yesd im anti-social] [22:10:43] #GM from 2cute2: who is it [22:10:44] #GM from GuIDeRa: lmao he says he's antisocial so he cant trade [22:10:50] #GM from Nahtepa: who is it? maybe they are nub and think anti means everyone roflmao! [22:10:51] #GM from Valkrie: lmfao [22:11:00] #GM from Nahtepa: lol! i was right!!!! [22:11:04] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: dont worry if you're antisocial you can trade people ] [22:11:11] #GM from Bernie: real bs, scorp is anti, we trade all the time [22:11:11] #GM from Scorpius: who the smeg is that? [22:11:12] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: lets do a normal trade] [22:11:26] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: i tried tht b-4] [22:11:41] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: where are you?] [22:11:46] #GM from Valkrie: put 1gc in the bag [22:11:50] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: im going to nc] [22:11:54] #GM from Nahtepa: dammit guid! dont leave us in suspence! who is it? [22:11:57] #GM from Bernie: who is it!! [22:12:05] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: from votd] [22:12:12] #GM from GuIDeRa: no! i'm checking to see if he is for real [22:12:23] #GM from GuIDeRa: maybe he was confused and he thought anti measn he cant trade [22:12:30] #GM from Scorpius: geez am i the only one here that is always honest to the guildies? [22:12:35] #GM from Bernie: geeesh, anti does not prevent you from trading [22:12:44] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: ok ] fire essences (3.6gc each), PM me for other items! [22:12:51] #GM from Valkrie: no1 that stupid [22:12:52] #GM from Nahtepa: <--- has never lied to guild, sco [22:12:59] #GM from Scorpius: if he has an NMT then he should play long enough to KNOW what anti social is [22:13:19] #GM from Bernie: tell us who it is guidera!! [22:13:29] #GM from GuIDeRa: if he keeps up the act saying he cant trade me i'll bag trade him and put branch or bone in the bag or something [22:13:42] #GM from Valkrie: 1gc [22:13:51] #GM from Scorpius: geez.. to all this bs here i lost fluff [22:13:56] #GM from GuIDeRa: [22:14:00] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: coming?] [22:14:03] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: ya] [22:14:05] #GM from Scorpius: youre an idiot guid -.- [22:14:37] KnighT_of_Ice was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [22:15:02] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: click trade on me] [22:15:03] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: i says are you crazy! your antisocial! no trading] [22:15:21] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: dont lie! i have an alt with anti and he;s able to trade!] [22:15:30] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: click trade on me] [22:15:33] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: :?] [22:15:42] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: thats wat he says] [22:15:49] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: kk bag trade then] [22:16:06] KnighT_of_Ice: were at [22:16:23] #GM from GuIDeRa: he says when he clicks trade he gets a message saying "you are crazy you are antiscocial you cant trade [22:16:29] #GM from GuIDeRa: doing fake bag trade now [22:16:42] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: you put nmt in bag i put 140k in mine?] [22:16:44] #GM from Nahtepa: roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [22:16:48] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: YES] [22:16:49] #GM from Valkrie: lol [22:16:55] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: kk step off bags] [22:16:56] [PM from KnighT_of_Ice: srry caps ] [22:17:08] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: on 3/2/1 step off the bags] [22:17:09] #GM from Nahtepa: a flower in a bag would be nice for him ;D [22:17:10] #GM from 2cute2: does he look noob, is he in guild [22:17:11] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: 3] [22:17:13] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: 2] [22:17:14] [PM to KnighT_of_Ice: 1] [22:17:22] KnighT_of_Ice: lol [22:17:29] #GM from GuIDeRa: he has a veg in his bag roflmao i had a branch in mine it may look like i was trying to scam him at the end by putting branch in bag, i was making sure he was a scammer before putting him on outlaws